Residents should be advised that private companies and contractors may approach homeowners in door-to-door solicitations regarding water testing or pipe insurance throughout the year. Such companies/contractors have no affiliation with the City of Norman. Such companies/contractors should carry proof of proper permits obtained from the City of Norman to conduct such sales.

Please note the following:

  • Norman’s Water Quality is reported each year by the Department of Environmental Quality through the annual Consumer Confidence Report (CCR): Click here for current CCR
  • Tests (water quality tests) or checks (public-side service pipes) may be requested in the event of concern from a customer by contacting the City of Norman Water Treatment Plant.

If you see workers near your home water or sewer facilities, City staff members are always identifiable by way of badge or operating equipment/vehicle while on duty. Verification of personnel may be obtained at any time by contacting Norman Police Department dispatch center.


Services Provided

Microbiology Testing

The Laboratory is certified to analyze drinking water for total coliform and e. coli bacteria. The cost is $30.00 per sample cash or check only. Water must collect in a sterile sample bottle and paperwork must be filled out completely , these can be picked up at:

  • 3000 E. Robinson – Vernon Campbell Water Treatment Plant – 405-321-2182
  • 1000 168th Ave NE – Little Axe Community Center – 405-292-9770

Samples are accepted Monday – Thursday    8:00am – 4:00pm

Results will be sent out with in 3 days of drop off.

The sample must be accompanied by the paperwork..

Bacteriological Water Analysis form.

This service is provided to the community and all public water systems. The results are acceptable for real estate transactions, or to verify water quality. The testing meets Federal standards for drinking water testing and is in compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act for Public Water Systems.


We suggest talking with the OSU Extension service for water chemistry testing.  They provide information on household and irrigation water quality. 

Disinfection of Water Wells

A private water well should be disinfected as a preventive maintenance measure anytime you have work done on your well or distribution system. Well disinfection can be done by a homeowner but if you would like to hire a well service to do the work for you, look online or in the business pages of the phone directory for water well drilling services.

Well Disinfection Procedure