Water Reclamation

Welcome to Norman's Water Reclamation Facility

Utilities Manager

Steven D. Hardeman 

Kellie Seeds/Steven Hardeman/Ryan Bart
Admin. Tech III / Utilities Manager / Utilities Supervisor

Laboratory Technicians 
Derek Leatherman/ Michel Lavigne

Lab Manager
Richard Squirrel


Lonny larson/Angel Perez/Veon Richmond

Ryan Long/Ted White/Dustin Cozad

Bio-Solids/Heavy Equipment
Gary Todd/James Sterling/Curtis Ward

John Baze/Mike Bates

Wesley Key/Tyler Smith

Mission: To produce highly treated reclaimed water at the lowest cost to our customers.

Vision Statement: To produce a quality water product so future generation may enjoy a quality of life they deserve.

Goals: To protect aquatic life. To be good stewards of funding resources. To promote and educated the public about wastewater treatment. 

Objectives: Monitor and adjust treatment processess to assure proper water quaility. Seek ways to reduce cost by understanding our needs. Conduct educational tours to communicate to our customers how we treat wastewater. Meet all federal, state and local discharge requirement as stated in our discharge monitor permit.   

Performance Indicators: ODEQ DMR Requirements, water quality results, bio-solids testing and budget.

Performance Measurement: CBOD, Total Suspended Solids, Ammonia Nitrogen, Bio-Solids,and budget performance

 Award of Environmental Excellence:

(4) Region 6 - Environmental Excellence Awards 

Oklahoma Water Pollution Control Association (OWPCA) 2011 "Large Plant of the Year"

Oklahoma Water pollution Control Ass. 2013 "Large Wastewater Lab of the Year"

2007,2015 & 2019 Water Environmental Federation Safety Award Winner.

City of Norman 2011,13,14,1517,18,19 Safety Award Winner (No injuries or accidents)

Indivdual Staff Awards:

Ryan Bart: OWPCA's 2018 "Supervisor of the Year".

Mike Bates: OWPCA's 2013 Crew Chief of the Year".

Angel Perez OWPCA's 2013 "Most imporved operator of the Year'

Steven D. Hardeman: 2012 Water Environmental Federation's William D. Hatfield Award for Outstanding Professionalism and Performance.

Ryan Bart: 2013 Water Environmental Federation's William D. Hatfield Award for Outstanding Professionalism and Performance.

Lonny Larson: 2019 Water Environment Federation's Wiiliam D. Hatfield Award for Outstanding Professionalism and Performance.

James Sterling, Gary Todd & Curtis Ward OWPCC's "Bio-Solids Team of the Year".

Ted White OWPCA's 2016 "Darcey Award" of Outstanding Plant Operator of the Year".

Michel Lavigne: OWPCC's 2018 "Jessie Vaughn Award for Instructor of the Year".

National Publication Profile:

1994-Water Environment Federation Plant Profile

1997-Water Environment Federation Plant Profile

1998-Oklahoma Water Environment Associations Plant Profile

2012 Treatment Plant Operator magazine (tpo) September issue Cover Story.

2013 Treatment Plant Operator magazine Featured Article (In My Words) May issue.  

2014 Presented EPA hosted Webinar on the Energy Reduction Project and Norman's Green Initiatives. 

Beneficial Reuse Recipients:

University of Oklahoma's Jimmy Austin Golf Course

Localized agricultural land owners

City of Norman's Water Reclamation Facility

Startup Date: 2017

Service population: 107,500

Number of employees: 22


Design - 17 MGD Annual Average and 36 MGD Wet Weather Flow.  

Average - 11 MGD Monthly Average sustained Wet Weather Flows

Annual Operation and Maintenance Budget: $ 7.1 million

Facility Type: Secondary Advance Waste Treatment (AWT) consisting of complete mixed activated sludge as the primary treatment process. Including UV disinfection and Odor Control.  

Discharge Water Quality Parameters: See Final Limits Page

Bio-monitoring Requirements: See Final Limits Page