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Fireworks Ordinance and Information

Fireworks can result in severe burns, fractures, scars, and/or disfigurement. Thousands of serious injuries each year harm the eyes, head, or hands. Even sparklers, which are considered by many to be harmless, reach temperatures of more than 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Fireworks-related fires cause at least $20 million in property loss annually. A substantial portion of the structure fire property loss from fireworks typically involves bottle rockets or other fireworks rockets. These rockets can land on rooftops or wedge within certain structures and retain enough heat to cause a fire.

Public firework displays are a safe alternative to using fireworks on the Fourth of July. Conducted by trained professionals, these displays are the smartest and safest fireworks alternative for anyone to enjoy because they are established under controlled settings and regulations. 

The City of Norman and the Norman Fire Department in conjunction with the NFPA (National Fire Prevention Association) and our own City ordinances remind the public that detonating fireworks and/or any explosives within the city limits is illegal and subject to up to a $750 fine and confiscation of fireworks used for this purpose. Ordinance 1718-17

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