The City Attorney’s office is located in the Municipal Building at 201 West Gray Street. Kathryn Walker is the City Attorney. There are five Assistant City Attorneys: Rick Knighton, Elisabeth Muckala, Jeanne Snider, Anthony Purinton, AshLynn Wilkerson and Ryan Riddel. 

The City of Norman is a municipal corporation. The City Manager is the Chief Operating Officer, and the City Council is the Board of Directors. The City Attorney’s Office is the corporate legal counsel for the municipal corporation. The City Attorney's Office defends actions brought against the City and files court actions for the City in Federal, State and Workers' Compensation Court, conducts research, and provides legal opinion and legal advice for the City Council, City Manager, City Staff, and Boards and Commissions.  The City Attorney or an Assistant City Attorney attends all City Council meetings, attends study sessions and council conferences as requested, attends various Board and Commission meetings as requested, and serves as police legal adviser. The City Attorney's Office provides legal representation for Municipal Court prosecution, including juvenile non-traffic charges, and appeals to District Court. 


It is the mission of the City Attorney's Office of the City of Norman to provide effective, efficient, professional and informed legal advice and services to the City Council, City Manager, City staff and Boards and Commissions of the City of Norman; thereby protecting the rights and interests of the citizens of the City of Norman and the City as a municipal corporation.