Water Treatment Division


The overall mission of the Water Treatment Division is to efficiently provide safe, high-quality, potable water to the City of Norman.

The Water Treatment Division distributes water from three sources:  Ground water wells, Treated water from Lake Thunderbird and Tap water from Oklahoma City.  Water from Lake Thunderbird is treated at the Campbell Water Treatment Plant. The facility is staffed 24 hours a day and monitors water quality, quantity and distribution system pressures.  

Campbell Water Treatment Plant Campbell Water Treatment Plant

Make Every Drop Count! 

The City of Norman would like to remind all water customers to be conscientious of the water they use and practice ‘odd/even’ watering.

Odd/Even watering is using outside irrigation and watering practices based on your house address.  Houses with odd ending addresses, water on odd numbered calendar days; houses with even ending addresses, water on even numbered calendar days.  This significantly reduces the ‘peak’ effect of everyone wanting to water at the same time.