Builders & Contractors

Welcome to Norman!  The City of Norman welcomes Builders and Contractors to build in Norman!  To assist you with your building permit needs, we have included residential and commercial building permit applications along with supporting documents to assist you in applying for your building permit.  To support you in starting and completing your project successfully, we have assembled information from the time of application submission to plan review, permit issuance, site inspections by the Building Inspectors, and finally Certificate of Occupancy.  Please note the City of Norman Development Handbook, should you require additional information for your project.  Again we welcome you to build in Norman, and wish to assist you in any way possible.   

Development Services

A division of the Planning Department, Development Services provides services that impact all construction activities in the community including providing guidelines to individuals and businesses interested in all aspects of construction while maintaining the highest standard of professionalism and customer service. The Division is responsible for plan review, permitting and appropriate field inspections to conclude the construction activities with a Certificate of Occupancy (CO), or Certificate of Completion (CC) upon completion of construction of all types of building permits for lawful occupancy. 

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