The mission of the Sanitation Division is to provide quality sanitation services to the citizens and business in the City of Norman in a dependable manner, and treat customers with courtesy and commitment to a cleaner Norman.

For more information about the City of Norman's Sanitation operations, watch this video on the City of Norman YouTube Channel!

The Sanitation Division's primary responsibility is to collect and dispose of or recycle all solid waste in the City of Norman in compliance with state and federal regulations.  The Sanitation Division is organized into six sections: Utilities/Sanitation Administration, Commercial Collection, Compost Operations, Recycling Operations, Waste Disposal (Transfer Station), and Residential Collection. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Sanitation Division at (405) 329-1023. 


The current rates are:

Trash                        $14.00 per month

Curbside Recycling  $  3.00 per month

TOTAL FEE              $17.00 per month

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Sanitation Frequently Asked Questions

What is my pickup day?

You can find your pickup day online here. Simply put your address in the search field and check the boxes that apply.

How do I get a second cart?

Call Sanitation services at 329-1023. A second cart is $7 per month with a three month minimum.

How do I get my big trash picked up?

Bulky collection is scheduled Saturdays twice per month. The specific Saturdays of collection are based on demand. Bulky collection is $25. For more information, call Sanitation services at 329-1023.

Twice during the year, we provide a city-wide cleanup. One cleanup is in the spring, and one is in the fall. Watch the City of Norman website or Facebook page for details. You can also sign up to receive Norman News via email.

Can you take my refrigerator?

Yes, we can take your refrigerator, if it is certified as Freon free. The $25 bulky waste fee applies if we pick up the refrigerator or you can take it to the Transfer Station for $13.

Where can I take my extra trash?

You can take your trash to the transfer station located at 3901 S. Chautauqua from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, and 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays. The fee is $13 for up to 600 pounds for City of Norman residents. Non-residents will be $20 up to 500 pounds. Bring proof of residence such as your most recent water bill.

I want to recycle more. What do I do?

Norman Recycle Centers Location Map

There are four recycle drop-off locations in Norman.

Transfer Station Main Hub Recycle Center - 3901 South Chautauqua

Fire Station #9 Recycle Center - 3051 Alameda Street

Westwood Park Recycle Center - 2430 Westport Drive

Hollywood Shopping Center Recycle Center - 1305 McGee Drive


What if my trash or recycling cart was not picked up?

On rare occasions we may be late providing service due to weather or unusual volumes being collected.  We typically continue to collect from trash carts until dark.  Trash carts not serviced will be collected the next day.  You can give us a call as soon as possible during business hours at 329-1023 or send an e-mail to

Where should I place my carts? Should the front of the cart face the curb?

Place your cart at the edge of your lawn, no more than three feet from the curb, three feet from other carts, and with the opening towards the street. Be sure to place your cart away from mailboxes, cars, and any other objects.

Inclement weather is expected for the Clean Up day. Will you still pick up my household items?

There are only a few situations in which we would not pick up household items on a scheduled Spring or Fall Clean Up day and those include imminent tornado threat or extreme icy conditions.