Water Treatment Operations and Maintenance

The Water Treatment Division operates and maintains the Vernon Campbell Water Treatment Plant. The plant is a lime softening facility capable of treating 17 million gallons of water a day.

In addition, staff maintain 32 active water well sites, 27 inactive water well sites, and 6 water towers.  

The City recently completed Phase 2 upgrades to the Water Treatment plant that consisted of:

  • Addition of Ozone for taste and odor control
  • Addition of Ultraviolet Light disinfection
  • Conversion from chlorine gas to bleach generation
  • Addition of an Administration Building

In 2022 the division sent a total of 5.50 Billion gallons of water to City of Norman water customers

  • The water treatment plant produced 3.63 Billion gallons of water
  • The water wells produced 1.52 Billion gallons of water
  • The division purchased 345.39 Million gallons of water from Oklahoma City

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