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City of Norman Trick-or-Treating 2020
Visiting Houses Giving Out Candy Eating Your Treats
  • Wear breathable face covering and gloves while trick-or-treating
  • Costume masks are not necessarily safe face coverings
  • Stay in small groups and with those that live in the same house
  • Maintain social distance when approaching a house
  • Limit the number of houses your group visits
  • Once at the door, limit the things you touch
  • Only Visit home with porch lights that are turned on
  • Eliminate the traditional candy bowl
  • Wear a face covering when greeting those who are trick or treating
  • Set out paper bags or utilize old easter eggs with candy inside for the children to take
  • Take time to sanitize high touch areas on your porch frequently
  • If you do not wish to participate, turn off your porch lights and place a sign on your door


  • Wait until you are home to eat your treats
  • Wash your hands and remove your costume before eating your treats
  • Spread your treats out on the the kitchen table or a countertop to let the treats air out
  • DO NOT sanitize your treats




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