Ground Water and Surface Water Quantity Information

May 2022 Water Quantity Produced

The graph shows water sources used during May to provide water to customers. The graph shows contribution from Norman's water portfolio: Groundwater, OKC treated surface water and Norman treated surface water
Water Consumtion Trend 2011 - 2021 A look at 10 year of Water Consumption by the Norman community.

Groundwater Monitoring Well Graphics

monitoring well 42

Groundwater levels can be monitored and displayed on graphs. These graphs are from monitoring wells in East Norman. These wells monitor water level at shallow, medium and deep water levels in the aquifer. As you see the shaded areas on the graph identify when a City groundwater well at the site is running. The graph allows us to see the water level and the impact ground water production can have on aquifer level.

Mid depth monitor at well 42

Mid depth monitor well 42

Shallow depth monitor at well 42

Shallow depth monitoring well 42