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Sidewalks are a vital component of our city infrastructure. They enable accessibility and mobility for our residents; they convey us to the places we need to go and serve as the connective tissue of our community. There is approximately 700 miles of public sidewalk in our network and it is an all-hands civic effort to ensure we maintain the maximum utility for the full-length of their lifecycle. Accordingly, the City of Norman places great value on this key infrastructure feature that benefits the entire community and invests in the Sidewalk Program each year. 

These programs include:

  • Citywide Sidewalk Reconstruction Program for residential areas and public pedestrian pathways and includes the Sidewalk and Curb Replacement Participation Program (SCRPP), also referred to as the “50/50 Program.”
  • Sidewalk Accessibility Program to assure mobility for differently abled persons.
  • Sidewalk Program for Schools and Arterials to facilitate safe pedestrian traffic near municipal schools and primary streets.
  • Downtown Area Sidewalks and Curbs Program to beautify and ensure accessibility throughout our vibrant city center.
  • Sidewalks & Trails Program designated for non-arterial roads and public use areas.
  • Horizontal Saw Cutting Program for applications where high volumes of minor hazards exist but do not warrant full sidewalk panel replacements.

The City of Norman, Engineering Assistant is the primary point of contact for your sidewalk concerns. The Engineering Assistant splits time in the office and in the field overseeing construction projects and performing surveys throughout the community. Typically, a customer call will be answered the same day, but on occasion, it may be returned the next business day. We appreciate your patience and understanding.


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City Cost of Sidewalk Replacement per Linear Foot (4' wide): $32-42, (varies by project factors.)