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AIM Norman

AIM Norman serves as an essential compass for our city's leaders and decision-makers. It's designed to capitalize on our community's strengths and identify fresh opportunities, all aimed at enhancing the overall quality of life in Norman.

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Norman Center City Vision


The purpose of the City Center Vision (CCV) is to develop a vision and plan that will provide guidance and regulations for future development and redevelopment of the Central City. The project will reset the conversation from specific ad hoc projects to a broader vision and acknowledge, recognize and honor the work done previously by the community.

For more information please visit Norman Center City Vision.

Porter Avenue Corridor Plan

Porter Avenue Corridor Project

On Tuesday, August 10, 2010, Norman City Council voted 8-1 to approve Resolution R-1011-02  to adopt the Porter Avenue Corridor Plan-Staff Update. The principal objectives of the Porter Avenue Corridor Plan-Staff Update are to articulate a vision for the future development of Porter Avenue, and to establish a Zoning Overlay District for the Porter Avenue Corridor Included in the vision for revitalization is a Public Streetscape Design Plan.

For more information please visit Porter Avenue Corridor Project.

NORMAN 2025 Land Use and Transportation Plan (Comprehensive Plan)

The City of Norman adopted the NORMAN 2025 Land Use and Transportation Plan on November 16, 2004. Resolution R-040539.

For more information please see the Norman 2025 Plan.

Neighborhood Plans

The Norman 2025 Land Use and Transportation Plan, drafted in 2004, recommended the establishment of a neighborhood planning program with a dedicated staff person. The 2025 Plan recommended a program designed to “engage neighborhoods in Norman’s Core Area in a participatory planning process to directly address such issues as land use compatibility, parking, circulation, and neighborhood improvements.” The 2025 Plan also recommended that “The Planning Commission and City Council would adopt each of the neighborhood plans as an element of the City’s Comprehensive Plan.”

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