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Building Permits and Inspections

The mission of the Development Services Division of the Planning Department is to provide professional support to the community involved with building or altering the built environment of the community to protect health, safety and public welfare by enforcing the currently adopted building, state, and local codes consistent with the policies and ordinances adopted by the Norman City Council. 

The Division provides services that impact all construction activities in the community including providing guidelines to individuals and businesses interested in all aspects of construction while maintaining the highest standard of professionalism and customer service. The Division is responsible for plan review, permitting and appropriate field inspections to conclude the construction activities with a Certificate of Occupancy (CO), or Certificate of Completion (CC) upon completion of construction of all types of building permits for lawful occupancy. To view some key indicators about the Development Services Division, please click HERE.


Commercial Projects

Construction Building Permit Applications and Supporting Documents

Commercial Building Permit Construction Application and Supporting Documents

Construction permit applications for industrial, commercial and multi-family projects include but are not limited to new construction, new shell, new shell interior finish, addition/alteration, new multi-family, multi-family addition/alterations, new shell, new shell interior finish, new multi-family, multi-family addition/alteration, temporary construction trailer, swimming pool and paving, The application and supporting documents for commercial construction projects are listed below:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Sign Permit Application

Sign permits are required in the City of Norman.  The purpose is to establish effective sign regulations which recognize the public as well as private interest and investment in our environment, and which regulate the number, size and location of signs; relate signs to the individual use, site and structure; prohibit unsafe signs; cause removal of abandoned and nonconforming signs; and promote and protect the health, safety, welfare, convenience and enjoyment of the City for its residents and visitors.

The intent is to promote more effective signing practices which will be compatible with their surroundings and appropriate to the type of activity to which they pertain; to encourage greater consideration of influencing factors and thoughtful design of signs; to promote economic and business development; to protect property values; to reduce distractions and obstructions that may contribute to traffic accidents; and to enhance and protect the physical appearance and natural beauty of the City.  Here is the sign permit application, the City of Norman bond form (required), and limited license sign application along with a temporary sign brochure, and the regulations for temporary signs and ordinance regarding sign regulations.

Sign Permit Application 

Sign Contractor's Bond Form (required)

Limited License Sign Application

Temporary Sign Brochure

Temporary Sign Regulations


Ordinance-Sign Regulations


Demolition Permit Application

Demolition permits are required to track disconnect(s) of gas, electric, public water (if applicable), public sewer (if applicable), and location of debris removal from site. Complete a demo application for residential and commercial structures at a minimum fee of $20.00 for the first floor; and $12.50 for additional floors. Interior demolition of an existing building space typically requires a demolition permit. Here is the demolition permit application.

Demolition Permit Application

Ordinance-Demolition Fee Schedule

Structure Moving Application

Structure moving permits are not required for those structures which, when loaded, are smaller than thirteen and one-half (13½) feet high, twelve (12) feet wide and fifty (50) feet in length. Those larger require a permit.  A structure mover must be licensed with the State of Oklahoma and the City of Norman. Additional permits are typically required when applying for a structure moving permit.  Please contact the Plan Review staff for additional information.  Here is the structure moving application.

Structure Moving Application

Ordinance-Structure Moving

License Applications and Renewal Information

Trade Contractor License Application (Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing)

Trade License App Image

Trade Contractor licenses are required in the City of Norman.  To obtain a Trade Contractors License (Electrical, Mechanical, or Plumbing), applicants must have a current "active" State issued license from the State of Oklahoma Construction Industries Board (CIB) in hand, and show to be "active" on the CIB website.  Additionally, applicants must have a current driver's license, or state issued ID.    Here is the license application for trade contractors.  

License renewals occur annually for Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing Trade Contractors.  Renewal notices are mailed to Contractors mid-February with a return due date of March 31st annually that must be accompanied with the following items:  A completed Trade Contractor Application (Electrical, Mechanical or Plumbing); a copy of your Oklahoma State License issued from the Oklahoma Construction Industries Board; A copy of the current Driver’s License or State issued Identification Card/Photo ID; and Payment of Fee.


Sign Contractor License Application

Sign Contractor License App Image2

Sign Contractor Licenses are required in the City of Norman.  In addition to completing the license application, applicants must submit a "Sign Contractors Bond" (bond form provided by the City of Norman) in the sum of $2,000 for a new License.  The bond must be a corporate surety bond, or certificate of deposit payable to the City of Norman, and the bond must be renewed annually along with the Sign Contractor license.  Here is the  license application, and bond form for sign contractors.

License renewals occur annually for Sign Contractors.  Renewal notices are mailed to Contractors mid-February with a return due date of March 31st annually that must be accompanied with the following items:  A completed Sign Contractor Application; a Continuation Certificate of your Sign Contractors Bond, and Payment of Fee.

Ordinance-Sign Contractors License

Structure Moving License Application

Structure Moving License Application image

Structure Moving Licenses are required in the City of Norman.  In addition to completing the license application, applicants must submit their casualty insurance policy certificate in an amount not less than $100,000, and show proof of current unified carrier registration (URC) or intrastate license.  Here is the structure moving license application.  Here is the structure moving license application.

License renewals occur annually for Structure Movers.  Renewal notices are mailed to Structure Moving Contractors mid-February with a return due date of March 31st annually that must be accompanied with the following items:   A completed Structure Moving Application;  a copy of your current Driver’s License or State Issued Identification Card/Photo ID; Certificate of Insurance; Intrastate Motor Carrier License OR Unified Carrier Registration, and Payment of Fee.

Structure Moving License Application


Ordinance-Structure Moving 


Credit/Incentive Programs

Visitability Pilot Program

Through Resolution R-2021-118, the Norman City Council established a Visitability Pilot Program effective August 1, 2021 to July 31, 2023 to encourage builders to construct Visitable Dwellings.  A Visitability Dwelling is a home that has features that allow mobility impaired and aging in place individuals to live in or visit with fewer constraints than most dwellings.  New One and Two Family Dwelling Homes and Townhomes with less than four dwellings are eligible to enroll in the program.  Applications to the Visitability Pilot Program must be submitted at the time of building permit is applied. 


The Visitability Pilot Program allows building permit fees charged pursuant to Section 5-106 of the City of Norman Code to be adjusted and satisfied as an incentive for eligible dwellings achieving certain Visitability standards set forth in ICC Section A117.1-2009.  At the time of building final inspection, a visitability final inspection must be requested which will determine a pass or fail result of the home for compliance.


Below is additional information about the City’s Visitability Pilot Program.  Please review the links below regarding the Visitability Pilot Program FAQ’s, the application to apply to the program, and Resolution R-2021-118.



Home Energy Rating System (HERS)/Energy Rating Index (ERI) Incentive Program

The HERS/ERI pilot program was created to encourage energy efficient residential home construction by offering credits to builders who built above Residential Energy Code minimums.  The program started in July of 2018 and has been renewed five times with a current HERS/ERI benchmark of 57.  Current Resolution R-2022-137 extending the pilot program through June 30, 2024 has updated the HERS/ERI benchmark from 51 to 57.


The below documents provide information about the history of the program, as well as the most recently adopted resolution - R-2022-137.   In addition, the application to participate in the HERS/ERI program is included below.  Applications to the HERS/ERI program must be submitted with each building permit.


Resolution R-2122-137

HERS/ERI Application (must be submitted with building permit application)  

History of the HERS/ERI Program

Other Permit and Related Information

Trade Permit Fee Schedules (Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing)

Trade permits are required in the City of Norman.  The permits (electrical, mechanical and plumbing) must be obtained in advance of commencement of work.  Here are the fee schedules for each trade category, and the reference to the City's Code of Ordinances.

Electrical Permit Fee Schedule

Mechanical Permit Fee Schedule

Plumbing Permit Fee Schedule

Ordinance-Permit Fee Schedule

Adopted Building Codes and Local Amendments

Code Book Image

The Norman City Council approved the amendment and adoption of updated building, fire, and property maintenance codes effective November 24th, 2017.  The adopted codes include the following:  


2015  International Building Code including State and Local Amendments

  • ICC A117.1-2009:  Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities (adopted by reference)           
  • ICC 500-2014:  ICC/NSSA Standard for the Design and Construction of Storm Shelters (adopted by reference)

2015 Existing Building Code including State and Local Amendments

2006 International Energy Conservation Code

2015 International Plumbing Code including State and Local Amendments

2015 International Mechanical Code including State and Local Amendments

2015 International Fuel Gas Code including State and Local Amendments

2014 National Electrical Code (NFPA 70) including State and Local Amendments

2015 International Residential Code including State and Local Amendments

2015 International Fire Code including State and Local Amendments

2015 Edition of NFPA-1 Fire Prevention Code including Local Amendments  (For occupancy of buildings already having a certificate of occupancy)

2015 International Property Maintenance Code including Local  Amendments

Ordinance-Adopted Building Code

History of Building Codes

The City of Norman has had a long history of Building Codes for 100+ years and has been a regional leader in Building Code Enforcement.  The code history starting with the year 1902 through 2017 is listed below.  To see the City's currently adopted building codes please see Adopted Building Codes and Local Amendments.








2015 I Codes, 2014 National Electrical Code



2009 I Codes, 2011 National Electrical Code



2006 I Codes, 2008 National Electrical Code



2003 I-Codes, 2002 National Electrical Code



1996 BOCA Commercial, 96 National Electrical Code

95 CABO 1 and 2 Family, 97 International Plumbing & Gas Code,

96 International Mechanical Code, 95 CABO Energy Code



1991 Standard Building Codes, 92 CABO 1 and 2 Family Dwellings, 93 National Electrical Code



1988 Standard Building Code and 1989 CABO 1 and 2 Family



1982 Standard Building Codes



1979 Standard Building Codes


O- 8081-17

1976 National Building Codes


O 7879-25

1968 National Board of Fire Writers for Electrical Wiring & Apparatus (amended code)  


Ordinance No. 2166

National Building Code of 1967


Ordinance No. 2095

National Building Code of 1955


Ordinance No. 1200

Locally adopted often amended Building and Fire Codes


Ordinance No. 22.5


Garage Sale Permits

Garage Sale Sign

Garage Sale Permits are required in the City of Norman.  The cost of a garage sale permit is $10.00, and the permit can be purchased from the City of Norman main campus at 225 N. Webster Ave.  The garage sale application form consists of some basic questions such as name, address, and the dates of the sale. The form also includes information from the Code of Ordinances listed below. 

Ordinance - Garage Sales


On-Line Inspections

The On-Line Inspection System offers a multitude of options for permit holders and others to view building permit, inspection and related information on-line.  Here are some of the options offered.

On-Line Inspections


This option allows users to search for an application or permit by application number, address, parcel number or name


Status detail shows general information about the application such as the application date, zoning of the property, property address, owner, square footage, application type, and general contractor


The application fee option indicates the fees that have been paid, and those that are due.  


The permit status option indicates the permit types associated with the application.  Click on the appropriate permit to view general information about the permit including the issue and expiration date.


The permit status option indicates the permit types associated with the application.  Click on the appropriate permit to view general information about the permit including the issue and expiration date.


The inspection status option allows users to see the inspections associated with the particular permit they are interested.  Clicking on an specific inspection will indicate the request and result comments


The plan tracking status indicates the status of the application review including building, Planning, Public Works, Fire Marshal and final review steps.  Choosing any of these agencies will indicate the review comments for the project for that agency


Project Inspections indicates all inspections including the schedule date, status and result date.  New single-family projects have a required sequence of inspections



The schedule/cancel inspection options allows users to select the appropriate inspection type from the list of available options to schedule for inspection.  Inspections may be scheduled up to five workdays out.


Automated Phone Line System

The Automated Phone Line System allows users to request inspections, get inspection results,find out what inspections have already been requested, and cancel inspections.  The number is (405) 366-5333.

Automated Phone Line System Brochure

Board of Appeals

The Board of Appeals consists of six citizen volunteers (five members and one alternate) who are appointed by the City Council. Their sole purpose is to provide an appeals process to a citizen when they disagree with a building code decision made by the Building Official. Meetings are scheduled as needed, generally within seven to ten days of receipt of an application. All meetings are held at the City of Norman Municipal Complex, 225 N. Webster Ave. Norman, OK 73069. For further information regarding the Board of Appeals, please contact the Building Official at (405) 366-5387 or by e-mail at

Ordinance - Board of Appeals

Permitting Statistics

Permitting Statistics includes detailed information of the number of permits issued by type for residential and related projects, commercial and related projects, and a combined report including all information.  These reports are uploaded to this site by the tenth of each month as much as possible. 

Permitting Statistics 2023

Permitting Statistics 2022

Permitting Statistics 2021 Permitting Statistics 2020