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Visitability Program

Visitability Program

Through Resolution R-2021-118, the Norman City Council established a Visitability Pilot Program effective August 1, 2021 to July 31, 2023 to encourage builders to construct Visitable Dwellings.  A Visitability Dwelling is a home that has features that allow mobility impaired and aging in place individuals to live in or visit with fewer constraints than most dwellings.  New One and Two Family Dwelling Homes and Townhomes with less than four dwellings are eligible to enroll in the program.  Applications to the Visitability Pilot Program must be submitted at the time of building permit is applied. 

The Visitability Pilot Program allows building permit fees charged pursuant to Section 5-106 of the City of Norman Code to be adjusted and satisfied as an incentive for eligible dwellings achieving certain Visitability standards set forth in ICC Section A117.1-2009.  At the time of building final inspection, a visitability final inspection must be requested which will determine a pass or fail result of the home for compliance.

Below is additional information about the City’s Visitability Pilot Program.  Please review the links below regarding the Visitability Pilot Program FAQ’s, the application to apply to the program, and Resolution R-2021-118.

Visitability Program FAQ's

Visitability Program Application (must be submitted with building permit application)

Resolution R-2021-118


Home Energy Rating System (HERS)/Energy Rating Index (ERI) Incentive Program

The HERS/ERI pilot program was created to encourage energy efficient residential home construction by offering credits to builders who built above Residential Energy Code minimums.  The program started in July of 2018 and has been renewed five times with a current HERS/ERI benchmark of 57.  Current Resolution R-2022-137 extending the pilot program through June 30, 2024 has updated the HERS/ERI benchmark from 51 to 57.

The below documents provide information about the history of the program, as well as the most recently adopted resolution - R-2022-137.   In addition, the application to participate in the HERS/ERI program is included below.  Applications to the HERS/ERI program must be submitted with each building permit.

History of the HERS/ERI Program

HERS/ERI Application (must be submitted with building permit application)  

Resolution R-2122-137