Sign Permits

Sign permits are required in the City of Norman.  The purpose is to establish effective sign regulations which recognize the public as well as private interest and investment in our environment, and which regulate the number, size and location of signs; relate signs to the individual use, site and structure; prohibit unsafe signs; cause removal of abandoned and nonconforming signs; and promote and protect the health, safety, welfare, convenience and enjoyment of the City for its residents and visitors.

The intent is to promote more effective signing practices which will be compatible with their surroundings and appropriate to the type of activity to which they pertain; to encourage greater consideration of influencing factors and thoughtful design of signs; to promote economic and business development; to protect property values; to reduce distractions and obstructions that may contribute to traffic accidents; and to enhance and protect the physical appearance and natural beauty of the City.

Sign permit applications are now reviewed and processed by Code Compliance. Submission of application(s) and supporting documentation is now electronic via the online portal, which requires the applicant to register, then complete the online form and upload supporting documents. Sign inquiries can be emailed to