Teen Aquatics Safety Program

Ages 13 – 15

Objective: Provide teenagers the opportunity to swim at the Westwood Family Aquatic Center unsupervised by an adult.

The Teen Aquatic Safety Program (T.A.S.P.) is designed to educate teens, ages 13-15, on water safety and facility rules.  Teens will learn the different pool rules and why they are implemented, appropriate behavior on deck and in the water, the role of the lifeguards and other staff, and foster a positive relationship with staff.   

This program is required for anyone ages 13 – 15 who would like to swim at the pool unsupervised.

Once the participant has taken the class and has signed an Aquatic Safety Contract with their legal guarding or parent to follow all pool rules, be respectful to others, and listen to the lifeguards’ instructions, their account will be updated to reflect successful completion of the Teen Aquatic Safety Program and they will be allowed to stay unsupervised.

How It Works:

  • Patrons age 13-15 must attend a T.A.S.P. class prior to unsupervised entry.
  • Cost $10
  • Classes are offered Monday - Friday, 10:00 am - 11:00 am, May 27th - June 7th.  
    • After June 7th, classes will move to Mon and Fri only.  
  • Classes are one hour and only need to be attended once. 
  • T.A.S.P. is designed to inform and is participation-based.
  • Once the class is completed, office staff will update accounts to reflect T.A.S.P. status.  Even non-passholders will have accounts with this information.