Young Family Athletic Center

The City of Norman Aquatics and Multi-Sport Facility

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The Young Family Athletic Center is a new approximate 122,000 square foot facility built on a 12-acre site on the north side of Norman, OK. The Young Family Athletic Center furthers the citizen-initiated Norman Forward mission to fund and create quality of life projects for the community. This center was impart made possible by a generous $4 million donation from the Trae Young Family Foundation.

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Young Family Athletic Center Features

The aquatic portion of the building features two pools: an 8-lane 25-yard competition pool with adequate spectator seating and a 4-lane 25-meter pool used as a warm-up pool during swim competitions. Men's and Women's Locker Rooms are located adjacent to the pools. When the pools are not being used for competitions, the citizens of Norman have access to the pool for general use and swimming.

The Multi-Sport Gymnasium portion of the building houses eight basketball courts with 12 volleyball courts, which overlay the basketball courts. The regulation-size basketball court overlay two basketball courts and runs in the opposite direction.

Norman Regional Health System developed the approximate 25,000 square foot space between the natatorium and multi-sport areas of the building. This two-level space, NMotion, serves as a sports and human performance center and physician clinics. Other YFAC amenities include concessions, a small retail space, administrative offices, tournament and team breakout rooms, public restrooms, and other standard support areas.

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Norman Forward

On October 13, 2015, Norman residents passed the NORMAN FORWARD initiative with residents voting in favor by an overwhelming 72% percent, which funded various quality of life projects through a one-half percent (½%) sales tax collected over 15 years. Two of the NORMAN FORWARD projects are an indoor aquatic center and an indoor multi-sport facility known as the Young Family Athletic Center.

The total project budget for the Young Family Athletic Center was $22.5 million funded through the NORMAN FORWARD sales tax, a $2.7 million construction supplement from the University North Park Tax Increment District, a $4 million donation from the Trae Young Family Foundation, and $6.7 million from Norman Regional Health Systems for the NMotion sports and human performance center, for a total projected budget of nearly $36 million.