Mission Microchip Norman

Norman Animal Welfare is on a mission to get Norman pets microchipped and to educate pet owners on the importance of updating their microchip information on a regular basis. A microchip with updated information is the link to reconnect you with your pet if they are picked up by an Animal Welfare Officer or another citizen. 

Mission Microchip Norman will kickoff on January 1, 2024 and run through February 29, 2024. All pets who get microchipped at Norman Animal Welfare and all pets that are already microchipped but register with Norman Animal Welfare during this time will be eligible for prizes. During Mission Microchip Norman, you can get your animal(s) microchipped for $20 at Norman Animal Welfare. 

Schedule a Microchip Appointment

Register a Pre-Existing Microchip with Norman Animal Welfare


Why you should microchip your pet?

A microchip is a simple, tiny, and inexpensive way to give your pet a voice. A microchip gives your pet the ability to tell the person who finds them who they are and where they live. A microchip provides secure, reliable, and permanent identification, which greatly increases the likelihood that your pet will be returned to you if lost. 

Why you should register your microchip with Norman Animal Welfare?

A microchip is only effective if it is registered with updated contact information in a pet recovery database. Only about 58 percent of microchipped animals in shelters have microchips that are registered in a database with their owner's current contact information. That means more than 40 percent of the microchipped animals had microchips that were essentially useless. 

How does Mission Microchip work?

Mission Microchip Norman is a drive for Norman residents to get their pet(s) microchipped and/or registered in our pet recovery database. Residents can schedule an appointment to have their animal microchipped at Norman Animal Welfare utilizing the link below or by calling 405-217-7788 and leaving a message referencing Mission Microchip, their name, and phone number. Norman Animal Welfare will return your call to gather the necessary information and setup an appointment date and time. The cost to microchip is $20 during the drive. 

All pets microchipped and/or registered with the Norman Animal Welfare Center utilizing the link below will be entered into a drawing for multiple prizes. 

Schedule a Microchip Appointment

Register a Pre-Existing Microchip with Norman Animal Welfare

If you or your business are interested in donating a prize or getting involved, contact Animal Welfare Officer Jamee Salley by email at jamee.salley@nromanok.gov or phone at 405-217-7788.