Foster an Animal

Fostering saves the lives of cats and dogs each day, while allowing you the chance to share your home with wonderful animals. By fostering an animal, you teach these animals to co-exist with others peacefully and happily.

Fosters provide animals important training in a relaxing environment, which then makes these cats and dogs more ready for adoption. As you become familiar with foster animals as temporary members of your family, you will learn more about their personalities and gain important information that you can share with potential adopting families.

Fostering also helps the animals in the shelter. Every dog or cat living safely in a foster home leaves another kennel free to a newcomer to the Norman Animal Welfare Center. So when you foster an animal, you are not just saving one life – you are saving two!

How to Apply to be a Foster

To foster an animal, apply through our online application. For more information on becoming a foster, call 405-292-9736.

Are Supplies Provided to a Foster?

Norman Animal Welfare provides all of the supplies you need to foster a cat or dog. Provided supplies include a crate or pet carrier, any medications being used by the foster animal, food and bowls, litter and a litter pan, blankets, towels, bedding, a leash or collar, and toys. 

If you decide to purchase additional items on your own, reimbursement will not be possible.