Animal Service Fees

Pet Adoption Fees

Adoption fee for all dogs and cats is $50. 

Adoption fee for all other animals varies based on the animal. 

As part of a special event or promotion, adoption fees for dogs and cats may be reduced or waived. City of Norman Pet License and microchip fees ($10) will still apply. 

Adopt a Pet

City Pet License Fees

Unaltered Pet Pet License

  • One-Year License: $20
  • Three-Year License: $60

Spayed or Neutered Pet License 

  • One-Year License: $10
  • Three-Year License: $30

Senior Citizen (65+) with an Unaltered Pet License 

  • One-Year License: $10
  • Three-Year License: $30

Senior Citizen (65+) with a Spayed or Neutered Pet License 

  • One-Year License: $5
  • Three-Year License: $15

Service Animal: No Charge

Replacement Tag: $5

Payment for your license is due within 30 days of the expiration of your current license. If you are licensing for the first time, you must purchase a license within 30 days of obtaining a pet, age six months and older, or within 30 days of moving into the City of Norman.

Purchase your pet license

Impound Service Fees

Dog/Cat/Small Domestic Animal Impound Service Fee 

  • First Impoundment: $50
  • Second Impoundment: $100
  • Third & Subsequent: $150

Large Domestic Animal Impound Service Fee 

  • Per Animal Impounded: $100

Dog/Cat/Small Domestic Animal Room and Board Charges: $10 per day

Large Animal Room and Board Charges: $25 per day

The following return to owner discounts are available for the first impound only:

  • Altered Animal: $10
  • Current Rabies Vaccination:$10
  • Current Pet License: $10
  • Registered Microchip: $10

Return to Owner - Optional Fees

Microchip: $20 per animal 

City Pet License: $10 per animal for Norman residents 

Rabies Vaccine: $10 per animal

Quarantine Fee

Shelter Quarantine Fee: $100 per animal per day

Owner Surrender Fees

Owner Relinquishment

  • Per Animal: $10
  • Per Litter (3 or more): $25

In Field Pick-Up: $30

  • In addition to owner relinquishment fee ($10) for in field pick-up of relinquished or deceased animals

Disposal Fee

  • Cremation of animal remains: $10

Owner Requested Euthanasia Fee (Includes Disposal Fee): $60

Adoption Return (After 30 Days): $10 

Other Fees

Livestock Return to Enclosure Fee: $50

Stock Trailer Fee: $100

Veterinary Care: Actual expense per animal

Special Handling: Equal to incurred expenses per animal

Cat Boxes: $5

Kennel License


  • Commercial Kennel: $350
  • Renewal Per Year: $100


  • Private Kennel: $50
  • Renewal Per Year: $25


  • Rescue Kennel: $100
  • Renewal Per Year: $50

All Kennel Licenses are purchased through the City Clerk's Office. 

Dangerous Animal Permit

Dangerous Animal Permit: $100

Renewal Per Year: $50