Animal Welfare Officers

Norman Animal Welfare - Duck Rescue

Norman Animal Welfare Officers enforce City of Norman animal ordinances and educate the public on responsible pet ownership. 

Animal Welfare Officers respond to calls for service within the Norman city limits daily and are on-call for overnight emergency calls. 

Review City of Norman animal-related ordinances. 

Animal Welfare Services

Stray Animals

Norman Animal Welfare Officers rescue and recover stray and abandoned animals within the Norman City Limits. 

Report a lost or found animal online or by calling 405-321-1444. 

Animal Bites

Report all animal bites that occur within Norman city limits to Animal Welfare at 405-321-1444.

Animal Welfare Officers will investigate, take a report and ensure the animal is quarantined for the necessary amount of days.

You should be prepared to provide the date, time and location where the bite occurred, the victim's identifying information, and the location of the wound.

Injured Animals

Norman Animal Welfare Officers can rescue stray or loose animals that are injured and take them to the Norman Animal Welfare Center or another partner agency or rescue for immediate care. 

Call 405-321-1444 to report an injured animal. 

Aggressive or Dangerous Animals

Norman Animal Welfare Officers respond to reports of aggressive or dangerous animals that attack other animals or people, whether or not a bite occurs. 

Call 911 or 405-321-1444 to report an aggressive or dangerous animal and be prepared to provide information about the animal and its location, along with a statement from a victim or witness.

Animal Cruelty and Neglect

Norman Animal Welfare investigates cases of animal cruelty, neglect and/or abandonment. Our Animal Welfare Officers enforce all local and state laws pertaining to the care and treatment of animals as reported by members of the public and partner agencies including other law enforcement agencies, health departments, code enforcement, and social services agencies. 


How to report animal cruelty, neglect or abandonment?

All reports of animal cruelty are taken very seriously by Norman Animal Welfare. To report animal cruelty, abandonment, hoarding, or cases of animal fighting, call 405-292-9736. If the report needs immediate response, call 405-321-1444. 

When you call be prepared to provide the following information:

  • The exact address of the property where the animal is located
  • The exact nature of the complaint (i.e. dog left outside with no shelter)
  • A description of the animal including color, breed, size, and age
  • Your contact information. While it is not required for you to provide your contact information, it can assist Norman Animal Welfare officers with the investigation and any further questions that may arise. 

Barking Dogs

Most dog owners are unaware that their dog is barking when they're gone until someone tells them. We encourage neighborly communication to try to solve the problem before filing a complaint. 

To report a barking dog, call 405-321-1444. 

Dead Animals

Norman Animal Welfare picks up dead animals on the road, and animals on curbs and public property.

Report dead animals by calling 405-321-1444. 


Wildlife found injured or orphaned within the Norman city limits can be brought to Norman Animal Welfare or picked up by a Norman Animal Welfare Officer. To arrange a pick up, call 405-321-1444 or 405-292-9736. 

All wildlife will be transferred to our partner agency, Wildcare Foundation

Residents may also transport the animal directly to Wildcare Foundation. WildCare Foundation is located at: 7601 84th Street, Noble, OK 73068. You can reach them by phone at 405-872-9338. WildCare Foundation is open daily from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. 

All animals should be cared for humanely. Please remember to put safety first as you dealing with wild and unpredictable animals. Keep pets and children away from all wildlife. 

Additional Wildlife Considerations:

  • If a baby opossum is smaller than seven inches long (not including its tail), it is too young to be on its own. 
  • Baby fox will often appear unsupervised for long periods of time. If they appear to be energetic and playful, leave the animal alone. 
  • Baby rabbits are only visited by the mother two to three times a day to avoid attracting predators. If in their nest, leave the animal alone. 
  • If a baby raccoon has been seen alone for more than a few hours or past dark, it has most likely lost his or her mother. 
  • Baby skunks are very near-sighted and follow their mother nose-to-tail. If alone, monitor to see if the mother returns. 
  • Baby ducks and goslings should be reunited with mother if possible. 
  • Baby squirrels should be left at the base of the tree it fell from in a shoe box with a small cloth to see if its mother reclaims it. Daytime only. 
  • Baby birds should be put back into the nest, in a shrub, or on a small tree branch near where it feel from if it is safe to do so. Leave it alone for the mother to care for. 

Live Traps

Norman Animal Welfare provides free live trap rental services and wildlife resources. 

To rent a live trap from Norman Animal Welfare, you must be a resident of Norman. In addition, live traps can only be rented and deployed when the temperature is forecasted to be between 33 and 90 degrees outside for a seven day period from the date of the trap rental. Traps also should not be set on a Saturday night due to Norman Animal Welfare being closed on Sundays. 

Norman Animal Welfare will not accept any privately owned live traps or any private containers containing any kind of wildlife. 

Norman residents who trap any type of wildlife in a live trap or any privately owned container are responsible for prompt delivery of the animal to our wildlife partner organization, WildCare Foundation. WildCare Foundation is located at: 7601 84th Street, Noble, OK 73068. You can reach them by phone at 405-872-9338. WildCare Foundation is open daily from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. 

All animals should be cared for humanely. If an animal dies while in a privately owned trap or container, cruelty charges may be filed against the owner. 


It is illegal to leave an unattended cat or dog tethered in Norman. City ordinance prohibits the owner of any dog or cat to keep or maintain their animal on a tie-out, tether, picket or similar device. 

Exceptions can be granted by a Norman Animal Welfare Officer.