The initial investigation of most crimes is conducted by a uniformed patrol officer, who then files an offense report to document his or her findings. In many cases, the patrol officer is able to complete the investigation, identify the suspects, and make arrests or file charges to close the case. In other cases where there are no arrests or clear leads, or if more in-depth or specialized investigation is required, the case is forwarded to the Investigations Section.

The Investigations Division is divided into two major categories, crimes against person and crimes against property.

The Investigations Division falls under the Support Bureau. The Support Bureau is headed by the Support Major and the Investigations Division by a Captain. The Investigations Division is comprised of three lieutenants, 24 detective positions, two Forensic Technicians, one Forensic Video Analyst, one Forensic Computer Analyst, and two Property Technicians.

Investigative Sections

Criminal Investigations

The Criminal Investigations Section specializes in crimes against person and crimes against property. Detectives investigate all types of crime from a vehicle break-in to a homicide case. All police department cases are reviewed by the Criminal Investigations Section supervisors who determine next steps and assignment to a detective for further investigation. 

The Criminal Investigations Section also partners with the Mary Abbott Children's House as part of a multi-disciplinary team specialized in investigating crimes against children. 

Special Investigations

The Special Investigations Section fulfills a unique function within the Department’s organization.  The primary mission of Special Investigations is to avert criminal activity by working in a covert manner and utilizing specialized training and resources. The detectives assigned to Special Investigations are in a unique position to assist other divisions of the department to conduct sensitive investigations in a variety of circumstances. The Special Investigations Section collects intelligence on potential criminal activity provided by the Norman community and other police officers. Detectives begin a basic inquiry technique which establishes the validity of the information and potential assignment as a full comprehensive investigation. 


Property Custody

The Property Custody Section for the Norman Police Department is located at the Norman Investigations Center, 1507 W. Lindsey Street. Property Officers are responsible for securely maintaining evidence of crimes, items held for safekeeping, and found property. Property Officers serve a crucial role in supporting investigations, assisting in the court process for criminal and civil trials, and ensuring the proper chain of custody.

Schedule a Property Release from Property Custody

How can I find out if you are holding my property?

When calling to see if the Property Room is holding your property, the following information is helpful when researching your case: 

  • Norman Police Department Case Number
  • Date of Offense
  • Description of Property
  • Name of Arresting Officer

How can I pick-up my property?

Property release is only completed by appointment on Monday through Friday. Appointments are preferred for all property releases. To schedule an appointment, call 405-307-7299 to determine what will be required to obtain your property. Some items or property may require special handling instructions. 

Before your property can be released you will need to provide the following to the Property Officer:

  • Valid State Issued Photo I.D. or Passport
  • Copy of Summary Order / Court Order (if applicable)
  • Copy of Power of Attorney (if applicable)
  • Notarized Letter (if you are picking up someone else's property)

No property will be released until proper authorization has been granted from the investigating officer, detective, or the court of jurisdiction. 

How long is property held?

Property taken for safekeeping will be held for 60 days. After 60 days, items may be disposed of in accordance with NPD policy. 

Found property will be held for 90 days. After 90 days, the items may be disposed of in accordance with NPD policy.

Contact Information for Property Custody


Norman Investigations Center

Property Room

1507 W. Lindsey Street

Norman, OK 73069

Phone: 405-307-7299

Fingerprinting Services

The Norman Police Department's fingerprinting services are back!

Norman Police Crime Lab Technicians provide digital fingerprinting to the community, by appointment only on Tuesday afternoons and Wednesday mornings. Fingerprinting services are provided at the Norman Investigations Center, 1507 W. Lindsey Street. To schedule an appointment, call 405-366-5235.

The cost is $15 per fingerprint card. We accept check, cashier's check, or money order. No cash and no credit or debit cards will be accepted. 

Additional Information:

  • Our services include digital fingerprints printed on FBI FD-258 cards, which are provided, if needed.  Both hands are printed on one card.  
  • Our Lab Technicians are subject to call out; therefore, appointments could be cancelled at short notice. 
  • A valid State Issued Photo I.D. or passport is required.

We DO NOT provide fingerprints for Handgun License, SDA or Concealed Carry; for Cleveland County residents, this service is only provided by the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Department. 


Cleveland County Sexual Assault Response Team Assessment

If you have experienced sexual assault and utilized services in Cleveland County, consider completing this assessment.These responses are anonymous and will only be used in aggregate to improve victim response.

This survey is designed by the Cleveland County Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) in an effort to improve services and identify gaps in our community for people who have experienced sexual assault. 

If you have questions about the survey or its purpose, please contact the Co-chair of the SART, Courtney Foster, at 405-701-5550 or

U Visas

Are you a victim seeking assistance with obtaining a U Visa? The Norman Police Department has detectives and community partners available to assist you through the process. 

A U Visa is a United States nonimmigrant visa which is set aside for victims of crimes (and their immediate family members) who have suffered substantial mental or physical abuse while in the U.S. and who are willing to assist law enforcement and government officials in the investigation or prosecution of the criminal activity. A U Visa permits such victims to enter or remain in the country when they might not otherwise be able to do so.

U Visa Resource Guide (English)

U Visa Resource Guide (Spanish)

Offender Registration

The Investigations Division maintains registrations of offenders as required by state and federal laws and investigates registration and compliance violations. NPD has two primary goals regarding sex and violent offender registration. Our first goal is to conduct and maintain registration of offenders as required by state laws. We do this by conducting random compliance checks at our registrant’s place of residency to ensure they are not violating any laws. Our second goal is to investigate registration violations of state laws and present charges to the Cleveland County District Attorney’s office when appropriate.

How to Register 

If you are an offender residing or looking to reside in Norman, you are required by law to register with local law enforcement. Registration paperwork must be completed in-person at the Norman Investigations Center, 1507 W. Lindsey Street. To schedule an appointment, call 405-366-5237.

How to Report Possible Offender Registration Violations

If you believe someone who is required to register as a sex or violent offender is in violation or their registration requirements, call 405-321-1444.

Frequently Asked Questions on Offender Registration

Useful Links:

Norman Offender Registry

Oklahoma Department of Corrections Sex Offender Registry

National Sex Offender Public Registry

Victim Services

The Norman Police Department Victim Advocate works with individuals affected by crime, aiming to empower them through comprehensive information, resources, and community support. Our advocates tailor our services and referrals to meet the unique needs of each victim and may include:

  • Information and referral to appropriate service providers
  • Emotional support
  • Financial assistance 
  • Information on the status of a case
  • Notification of victim rights 
  • Support and advocacy through the criminal justice process
  • Safety planning
  • Assistance with evidence return

Learn more about Victim Services and Resources

Contact the Victim Advocate at 405-307-7216 or