Crime Prevention & Data

Community education on crime prevention techniques and resident involvement in crime prevention can reduce crime and increase quality of life in Norman. 

The Norman Police Department prioritizes crime prevention through community education and outreach

Crime Information

Offender Registration

The Investigations Division maintains registrations of offenders as required by state and federal laws and investigates registration and compliance violations. NPD has two primary goals regarding sex and violent offender registration. Our first goal is to conduct and maintain registration of offenders as required by state laws. We do this by conducting random compliance checks at our registrant’s place of residency to ensure they are not violating any laws. Our second goal is to investigate registration violations of state laws and present charges to the Cleveland County District Attorney’s office when appropriate.

How to Register 

If you are an offender residing or looking to reside in Norman, you are required by law to register with local law enforcement. Registration paperwork must be completed in-person at the Norman Investigations Center, 1507 W. Lindsey Street. To schedule an appointment, call 405-366-5237.

How to Report Possible Offender Registration Violations

If you believe someone who is required to register as a sex or violent offender is in violation or their registration requirements, call 405-321-1444.

Frequently Asked Questions on Offender Registration

Useful Links:

Norman Offender Registry

Oklahoma Department of Corrections Sex Offender Registry

National Sex Offender Public Registry

AlertNorman - Emergency Notification System


AlertNorman powered by Rave Smart911 is the official emergency notification system used by the City of Norman to communicate with community residents during emergencies. 

Features of AlertNorman include:

  • Geo-targeted alerts based on your address
  • Opt-in alerts which allows you to select which alerts pertaining to police, fire, traffic, and other emergencies you want to receive
  • The ability to select how you will receive alerts. Options include text message, email, and/or voice message. 

Sign-up to receive free alerts from the City of Norman via text message, email, and/or voice message. 


In addition to serving as an emergency notification system, registration for AlertNorman also allows you to create your Smart911 profile. Smart911 is a free service available to keep you and your family safer. Provided by NPD as a part of AlertNorman, Smart911 allows citizens to create a Safety Profile to give emergency responders critical information you want them to know in an emergency. 

Sign-Up for Smart911

Public Information

All media requests are processed through our Public Information Office. Media requests for reports, police records, investigative updates, and crime data can be requested by calling 405-307-7122 or emailing 

Report a Crime

A number of ways exist for you to report a crime to the Norman Police Department. 

Emergency | Call 911: If you or someone is in danger, in need of immediate help or assistance, or if a crime is actively being committed, call 911. 

Non-Emergency | Call 405-321-1444: If you need to a report a crime that was previously committed or to request the assistance of an officer for a non-emergency matter. 

Report Crime Online: NPD's online reporting system is another method for citizens to report crimes that do not require the presence of a police officer. 

Report Crime Tips to Norman Crime Stoppers: Crime Stoppers provides a safe and anonymous way of reporting crime information to the Norman Police Department and other Cleveland County law enforcement. You can report a crime tip by calling 405-366-7867, online, or via the P3 smartphone app. Go to Norman Crime Stoppers for more information. 

Request an Extra Patrol

Are you experiencing suspicious or concerning activity in your area or neighborhood? You can request an extra patrol by calling 405-321-1444. 

Crime Data

Crime Data Reports

The Norman Police Department publishes annual statistics on reported Offenses, Collisions, and Police Calls for Service. 

2022 Norman Police Department Data Reports:

Department Activity Reports

The Norman Police Department provides a variety of reports highlight department activity and crime data. These reports include a Weekly Department Overview, a Monthly Department Overview, and Daily Activity Reports. 

Weekly Department Overviews are published weekly on Friday. 

Monthly Department Overviews are published in the first week of the following month. 

The Norman Police Department publishes Daily Activity Reports each business day. The reports include a listing of all arrests, cases, and calls for service each day.

Daily Activity Reports remain on the Norman Police Department website for one month. Historical reports or information can be requested through the Norman Police Department Records Division

Oklahoma Highway Safety Office - Interactive Collision Map

Traffic collisions continue to be one of the greatest social harms in Norman. The Oklahoma Highway Safety Office maintains a statewide, interactive collision map highlighting fatality and injury collisions, multi-year crash data, as well as pedestrian, bicycle and motorcycle collision data. This resource provides greater insight into the big picture of traffic collisions in both Norman and across the state. 

OHSO Interactive Crash Maps


FBI - Crime Data Explorer

NPD has been reporting National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) data to the FBI since 2016. This tool allows for an additional method of accessing our annual data relating to crime and other law enforcement activity. Utilize the page filters to select Oklahoma and Norman Police Department to narrow the data to our community. Data can also be filtered by year. 

FBI - Crime Data Explorer


Crime Prevention Tools

Neighborhood Watch

The Norman Police Department is proud to work with neighborhoods across the city through their Neighborhood Watch Programs. Neighborhood Watch Programs are a proven and effective means to substantially reduce all crimes. In fact, a good neighbor is one of the most effective crime tools ever invented. Together, NPD and Neighborhood Watches are working together to educate residents about crime prevention, while working to help reduce crime in their neighborhood.

The primary objective of Neighborhood Watch is to reduce the occurrence of crime in a neighborhood by: teaching citizens how to secure their homes and vehicles which in turn leads to a reduction in their chances of being a victim of a crime. Together, we encourage neighbors to become more familiar with each other and work in a program of mutual assistance to train citizens in the recognition and reporting of suspicious activity which leads to open communication between the neighborhoods and the Norman Police Department. Always remember, if you see something, say something. 

Call 405-366-5267 or send an email to for more information or to establish a Neighborhood Watch in your area. 

Another way to assist with crime prevention and solving crimes in your neighborhood is by registering your camera system with the Norman Police Department. Learn more about NPD's Neighborhood Watch SafeCam Program

Neighborhood Watch SafeCam Program

The Norman Police Department would like your help to solve crimes in your neighborhood. We strongly believe in the community-oriented policing philosophy, and have developed a program to tackle crimes through key partnerships with our citizens. 

Our Neighborhood Watch SafeCam Program is a way for the police department to work in partnership with you to maintain a database of camera locations that will help to identify suspects and solve crimes faster. The program allows owners to inform the Norman Police Department about the security camera systems at their personal residence and/or business. It is completely voluntary and participation is free. 

When a crime is reported in a particular area, the police department will contact the owners of camera systems in the area and request a copy of their video footage. This footage could assist investigators with developing leads in the investigation. There is no cost to the individual or business as the Norman Police Department will provide the necessary equipment to download the video footage. The information provided by the owner of the camera system will not be available to the public nor will the video be subject to Open Records requests.

Register the Camera System at your Residence or Business

Have you recently moved and need to update your registration? Complete a new form and include your previous address so that we can update our database.

For additional information, contact Crime Analyst Jason Redden at 405-366-5421 or

You can also download a printable copy of the registration form and mail your completed form to:

Norman Police Department

Attn: Jason Redden

112 W. Daws Street

Norman, OK 73069

Safe Exchange Zone

The Norman Police Department has a Safe Exchange Zone for the community to utilize. Located in the public parking lot of the Norman Police Department, 201 W. Gray Street, the Safe Exchange Zone provides residents a safe place for prospective buyers and sellers to meet and complete their transaction. We have designated parking spaces on the west side of the building for any type of legitimate exchange our citizens may need. The zone works to address safety and awareness concerns regarding internet-based purchases from websites such as Craigslist, the various local Facebook groups, or simply any other item advertised for sale from an individual, regardless of the source of the advertised sale.

The Safe Exchange Zone is clearly marked with signage and is available to the public 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The zone is well lit and under video surveillance at all times, providing extra protection to the public. Although there will not be a police officer present for these transactions, we believe the ability to arrange to meet at the police department in an area designated for this purpose will deter those wanting to engage in theft or fraudulent activity.

While many websites, including those previously mentioned, are very credible and are heavily utilized, their popularity make them an easy target for criminal activity from online predators. Norman police are pleased to offer a safer alternative and a secure location available for Norman residents to help ensure and enhance their safety and to minimize the opportunity for an encounter to go wrong.


The Norman Police Department utilizes Nextdoor to communicate timely crime information and prevention tips to Norman residents. 

Nextdoor provides an online community for neighbors to interact and work together. While NPD cannot see your posts on Nextdoor, we have the capability to get key information into the hands of residents ranging from crime data to community outreach event information. 

Register online for Nextdoor. 

Crime Free Multi-Housing Program

The Norman Crime Free Multi-Housing Program is designed to create partnerships with apartment communities, while having the common goal of reducing overall criminal activity.

The certification process consists of three phases.

  • Phase I is an eight-hour management training course taught by police which focuses on key crime prevention tactics and theories.
  • Phase II is a security survey done by police using Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles. This includes onsite inspections of doors, windows, locks, landscaping, and exterior complex lighting to ensure all meet national standards.
  • Phase III is a crime prevention social organized by management and taught by both management and police. This phase truly engages the residents who call the complex home.

Upon completion of each phase, a certificate is awarded and displayed in a common area of the management office. After completion of all three phases the community will be fully certified. Full certification permits the right to post the Norman Crime Free Multi-Housing Program sign and advertise membership in the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program in the print media using the official logo. The full certification certificate expires every year, but the apartment community will retain certification if they hold a crime prevention social once per year.

The properties currently active in the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program are:

  • Cottonwood Ridge
  • Vicksburg Village

Call 405-366-5267 or send an email to for more information on the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program.