Norman Forward Current Projects

These Norman Forward projects are currently under construction. 

Griffin Park

Current Funding
  • Regrading all fields
  • 14 new soccer fields
  • Additional parking
  • Additional restroom and site amenities


City of Norman and Norman Youth Soccer Association officials officially opened the Griffin Park Phase 3 fields in a ribbon cutting ceremony early Saturday. The Griffin Park Soccer Complex upgrade is a Norman Forward quality-of-life project to convert all Griffin Park sports complex fields to soccer fields. Phase 3 of this project included the regrading and irrigation of fields 1 through 4, construction of a new restroom facility and spectator plaza area, and parking renovations to improve ADA accessibility and traffic flow.

he Griffin Park fields were built originally with a crowned or curved surface, which was the preferred construction at that time and these fields were purposed as adult flag football fields. The Norman Youth Soccer Association approached the City of Norman with this project, requesting a more current soccer field design which calls for a flat playing surface.  A flat surface enhances the flow and speed of the game. Changing the grade and resurfacing as well as removing the old drainage areas between the field enhances the visibility and overall experience for fans and players.

Phase 4 is currently in the bidding process and is anticipated to be complete in summer of 2021.

Young Family Athletic Center

The Young Family Athletic Center is a new approximate 122,000 square foot facility built on a 12-acre site on the north side of Norman, OK. The Young Family Athletic Center furthers the citizen-initiated Norman Forward mission to fund and create quality of life projects for the community. This center was impart made possible by a generous $4 million donation from the Young Family Foundation.

More Information

Senior Wellness Center

Rotary Park

We are working to coordinate the demolition of the old restroom at Rotary Park to make way for constructing a new building, per the contract awarded on Tuesday at the Council meeting. Cavins Construction will build the new building.

Neighborhood Parks

Sign Replacement

The final round of replacement park signs are ready for installation, and we will begin the work of removing the old signs and placing the new sign frames in the coming few weeks. The last signs will be installed at Russell Bates, Canadian Trails, Kiwanis, Lions, Vineyard, Sequoyah Tail, and Chisholm's Cattle Trail Parks as part of the overall neighborhood park improvement project.