Norman Forward

NORMAN FORWARD is a citizen-initiated proposal to renovate, expand, construct and fund Quality of Life projects, such as multiple recreational facilities, libraries, parks, athletic venues, public art, trails, swim complexes and other quality of life projects throughout Norman. The initiative came to the City Council from community groups, stakeholders and Norman residents, who prepared an initial package using analysis and information from recreational planning professionals and research firms.

Beginning in the Spring 2015, the Norman City Council began a series of Council conferences and additional public meetings to refine the project scope, financing and funding opportunities for the NORMAN FORWARD initiative. This initiative includes a number of high priority projects outlined in the 2014 Library Master Plan Update, the 2009 Norman Parks and Recreation Master Plan, and additional projects designed to provide recreational opportunities for Norman residents.

At the August 11, 2015, City Council meeting, the City Council voted unanimously to approve the NORMAN FORWARD Ordinance O-1516-5 and Resolution R-1516-14 that called for an election to take place on the NORMAN FORWARD project package.

The temporary one-half percent (1/2%) sales tax was approved by Norman voters (72% approval) on October 13, 2015. The voter authorized sales tax went into effect January 1, 2016. 

Download NORMAN FORWARD Informational Brochure

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The NORMAN FORWARD Package Proposed Projects

  • Library System Improvements
    • East Branch - Completed July 2018
    • Central Branch - Completed November 2019 
  • James Garner Avenue Extension
  • Indoor Aquatic Facility
  • Westwood Park Improvements 
    • Westwood Family Aquatic Center - Completed May 2018
    • Westwood Tennis Center - Completed May 2019
  • Reaves Park Baseball Complex Improvements
  • New Softball and Football Complex
  • Griffin Park Soccer Complex Improvements
  • Multi-Sport Facility (replace WWII hangar east of YMCA)
  • Park Land Acquisition—Griffin, Sutton Wilderness and Cate Parks
  • Community Park projects at Ruby Grant, Andrews and Saxon Parks
  • Existing and New Neighborhood Park Renovations and Development
  • New Trail Development and Canadian River Park
  • Senior Center
  • Public Art at selected locations

Norman Forward FAQ

What are the primary purposes of the tax?

The one half of one percent (1/2%) sales tax increase will provide a funding source for the Quality of Life projects included in the NORMAN FORWARD package.

Will there be citizen oversight of the sales tax?

Yes.  The City Council appointed the NORMAN FORWARD Sales Tax Citizens Financial Oversight Board (CFOB) in January 2016. Additionally, the Council has appointed residents to the NORMAN FORWARD Senior Center Ad Hoc Advisory Group, Westwood Ad Hoc Advisory Group and the East and Central Library Ad Hoc Advisory Group. 

Why is a 15 year tax necessary?

The limited term tax for 15 years is estimated to generate the revenues needed to fund the Quality of Life projects included in the NORMAN FORWARD package.

How were the projects selected?

Norman community groups and stakeholders presented a list of Quality of Life projects to the City, which was then refined through City Council conferences and public meetings to form the NORMAN FORWARD package.

When would the rate increase go into effect?

January 1, 2016.


For additional Information please contact the City of Norman Action Center

(405) 366-5396 or [email protected] 


The NORMAN FORWARD Implementation Plan is a document developed by Architectual Design Group, P.C. (ADG) and City staff, with input from the NORMAN FORWARD Citizen's Financial Oversight Board (CFOB) and City Council. As the City begins moving forward with NORMAN FORWARD projects, the Implementation Plan will serve to help guide the project development process. 

The plan is intended to be a "living document" that is subject to change, periodic review and re-approval as NORMAN FORWARD projects progress.The plan outlines the scopes of work, conceptual budgets, and the order in which the projects or phases of NORMAN FORWARD projects will commence.The information contained in the Implementation Plan and Project Timeline is based on currently available information as well as certain assumptions made based on anticipated requirements.

The Implementation Plan was approved by the CFOB at their June 13, 2016, meeting and formally adopted by Council at the June 28, 2016 City Council meeting.The plan may be reviewed semi-annually by the Citizen Financial Oversight Board (CFOB) for report and recommendation to the City Council. The project timeline, scope of work, and budgets are subject to change, as directed by Council, as the planning process progresses and more information becomes available. 

Below are links to download the Implementation Plan and Council Adoption Resolution:

Implementation Plan (as adopted on June 28, 2016)
City Council Resolution Adopting the Implementation Plan (June 28, 2016)