Stormwater Division

What is stormwater?

Developed land greatly increases stormwater runoff

Stormwater refers to water that comes from rain, snow and ice melt. In undeveloped areas, the stormwater mostly soaks into the ground while vegetation helps to slow any runoff. In developed, or urban, areas, impervious structures like buildings, sidewalks, driveways and streets, do not allow the water to soak into the ground; instead, it flows across these surfaces in larger and faster amounts than we find in natural settings. This is runoff, and it can cause flooding and water pollution. 

The Stormwater Division is responsible for the protection of the health, safety and welfare of the people of Norman by reducing the impact of flooding, erosion, and water pollution the regulation of non-stormwater discharges to the City's Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) as well as the management, maintenance and improvement of the this system.

The MS4 consists of a series of underground pipes, open channels, ditches, and roadways used to collect or convey stormwater and are not connected to the sanitary sewer system. Water and other materials that enter this system are transported directly to our creeks and streams without any treatment.

Our major responsibilities include

For stormwater quality purposes:

  • Responding to citizen requests;
  • Controlling the direct or indirect introduction of pollutants into the MS4 by stormwater discharges from any source or user;
  • Controlling the introduction into the MS4 of any spills or dumped or disposed material other than stormwater;
  • Prohibiting illicit connections and illegal discharges to the MS4;
  • Inspecting and monitoring the MS4 to ensure compliance with applicable stormwater requirements;
  • Inspecting and enforcing stormwater requirements at construction sites;

For stormwater maintenance purposes:

  • Responding to citizen requests;
  • Providing for the management and maintenance of the MS4 for flood control purposes;
  • Performing erosion control and debris removal within publicly owned drainage ways;
  • Maintaining approximately 102 miles of storm sewers;
  • Maintaining bridges and culverts;
  • Conducting street sweeping on major arterial and collector streets;
  • Providing emergency disaster response related to flooding, winter storms, severe storms, and non-hazardous material chemical spills;
  • Providing right-of-way vegetation maintenance; and
  • Coordinating rural drainage improvement projects with Cleveland County.

Stormwater Staff

Program Administration

Stormwater Program Manager

Jason Murphy

(405) 366-5455


Administrative Assistant

Kim Freeman

(405) 329-2524

Stormwater Maintenance

Stormwater Supervisor

Hans Osgood

(405) 307-7278


Stormwater Quality

Stormwater Program Specialist


(405) 366-5435


Stormwater Compliance Inspector

Alex Wright, OCESCI

(405) 217-7777


Stormwater Compliance Inspector

Katrina Boteler, OCESCI

(405) 366-5456