Body-Worn Camera Program

The Norman Police Department implemented its body-worn camera program in May 2017 with the deployment of 135 body-worn cameras and seven in-car video units. 

Cameras are utilized by officers in patrol, traffic, investigations, uniform support, and animal welfare divisions. 

The implementation of body-worn cameras is another way the Norman Police Department is working to provide transparency to the public. While we believe that the use of these cameras will significantly benefit both the community and our officers, we know that no technology is a perfect solution to all situations. Body-worn cameras have limitations; however we believe that in the end the community and its officers will benefit from their use. 

Public Safety Sales Tax I funded the purchase of both the body-worn and in-car video systems. 

General requests for video can be submitted through the Records Division. Media requests for video can be submitted through the Public Information Office

Questions regarding the Norman Police Department's Body-Worn Camera Program can be sent to

Norman Police Department Policy 424 - Portable Audio/Video Recording Devices