About Human Resources


The Administration Division develops and manages the delivery of personnel services and programs including employment, recruitment and testing; compensation, benefits, health, and safety; training and development, collective bargaining, and labor-management relations; classification, records, and placement. 

Ensuring compliance with current, federal, state, and local laws and regulations relevant to employment, health and safety and human rights is primary.  There is also a focus on developing and directing high-level projects and programs that have city-wide impact.  These functions are performed primarily by the Human Resources Director.  The Director provides guidance and assistance to the City management team in regard to their relationships and supervision of the employees by interpreting and/or implementing policies, mediating conflicts, and resolving issues. 

The Administrative Technician IV provides secretarial support to the HR Staff, including meeting minute transcription and performs budgetary duties such as reconciliation and payments.

Major functions of Human Resources Administration include:

  • Providing data and making recommendations on personnel related matters to the City Manager and the management team along with providing day-to-day administration of the department.
  • Advising departments on the interpretation and application of City policies and procedures.
  • Administering the department budget.


Coordinate, monitor and evaluate the goals, functions and activities of each division within the Human Resources Department to ensure that all services are provided in an efficient, legal and ethical manner.


  • Provide programs that ensure equal employment opportunity, legal compliance and enhance diversity in the organization.
  • Expand supervisory and staff knowledge of administration of employment matters and law requirements.
  • Conduct periodic review of personnel provisions and changes, which dictate a need for modification of existing policy or the need to implement new policy.


  • Foster an employment opportunity environment through continued training efforts, selection procedure monitoring and removal of identified equal employment opportunity barriers.
  • Involve Human Resources staff in research and development of solutions to situations involving policy matters.
  • Respond to individual department needs as related to City policies and procedures.

Compensation & Classification

The City of Norman employs more than 800 full-time employees and an average of 130 temporary employees during the summer months in a variety of areas and functions. Each job is included in a classification that defines its job description and level in the organization. The system of classifications partners with our compensation structure to determine pay levels and ensures that the employees are properly classified and compensated.

We routinely conduct studies of positions and make recommendations on proper job classifications and wages, as well as write and revise job descriptions. The City of Norman uses a "point factor" job evaluation system that consists of three elements common to all jobs--know-how, problem solving, and accountability. The scope of the Compensation & Classification section includes the responsibility for updating and maintaining the city's Pay Plan as well as administrative regulations that relate to classification and compensation. Additionally, we conduct and respond to salary and benefit surveys, provide advice on FLSA issues, and support labor negotiations with the City's unions.

Staff is responsible for processing all personnel transactions (pay increases, promotions, separations, new hires, etc.) and maintaining the integrity of all computerized and physical employment records. We are also responsible for employment verifications and other requests for employment information. Staff coordinates with departments and other divisions of Human Resources to ensure that employee records are updated and accurate.


Employee Benefits

The Benefits section of the Human Resources Department is responsible for analyzing a wide spectrum of benefit programs including medical and dental, basic and supplemental life insurance, supplemental health, accident, and short and long-term disability plans and deferred compensation.  The Benefits Specialist serves as liaison between the insurance companies and employees, notifying insurance providers of employee changes and assisting employees with insurance questions and problems.  Existing benefit policies and prevailing practices are analyzed on a regular basis.  Services, coverages, and options available through insurance providers are researched and evaluated.  Recommendations for benefit plan changes are made to management.  The Benefits Specialist also serves as a member of the City Insurance Committee.

Communication for purposes of educating employees about their benefit coverage is provided through a variety of methods, including insurance informational booklets, monthly employee newsletter articles, and informational meetings.  Monthly insurance billings are processed through this function.

Orientation of new, full-time employees includes explanation of benefits and enrollment in health/dental and life insurance.  These responsibilities are performed primarily by the Benefits Specialist.  Additionally, this area must monitor and insure compliance with all federal and state guidelines and regulations relating to the insurance industry.


The Employment staff provides equal employment and promotional opportunities to all applicants and identifies the most qualified applicants for referral to hiring supervisors. Through recruiting, testing and interviewing, we identify qualified applicants to fill job vacancies at all levels within the City organization.  This is accomplished by developing recruitment plans, identifying appropriate labor markets, composing and placing advertisements, screening all applications, and developing valid job-related testing and evaluation instruments in compliance with local and federal guidelines and City policies.  Qualified applicants are given the opportunity to demonstrate their employment strengths through selection processes conducted by staff and hiring supervisors.  Selected applicants must pass background investigations, drug screens, and physical examinations if applicable. 

The application area is staffed by an Employment Technician and is the applicant's "first stop" for customers seeking information on City employment and career opportunities.  Applicants experience seamless "first-hand" customer service by reviewing our job announcement board and receiving application packets and information regarding our application and selection processes.  Applicants may also utilize the City website, and job information telephone line maintained by staff, or the local cable channel.  Job announcements are posted and distributed internally and to diverse external resources.   




A safe work environment is critical to providing excellent service and a workplace that values the health of employees.

  • Safety inspections of City operations are conducted to ensure compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards are met with the ability to identify unsafe work conditions and practices, and then make any needed corrections.
  • Safety training is provided to help prevent employee injuries and property damage.  Training programs include hazard communication, fall protection, confined workspace, traffic barricading and proper use of personal protective equipment, etc.  Consultative services are provided to  help assist City operations with safety-related problems which includes regulation interpretation, work practice review, accident trend analysis, loss prevention recommendations, etc.
  • Investigations of  vehicle and equipment accidents are conducted to determine cause and responsibility, and make recommendations for corrective actions which may be needed.
  • Annual driver's license record checks of employees in positions which require driving abilities are completed to ensure certification(s) are current and correct.


  • Inspect all City of Norman worksite structures annually, to remove workplace hazards.
  • Continue to develop effective safety committees and practices for each department.
  • Continue to provide opportunities for employees that will improve their personal wellness.


  • Conduct regulatory compliance/hazard assessment inspections on every City building each year.
  • Mentor departmental safety committees for all departments.
  • Provide formal instruction to operations for employees to ensure that they are trained in correct trenching and shoring operations, confined space operations, traffic safety, operational risk assessment, vehicle operation and regulatory compliance.

Training & Development

Training and Development is dedicated to helping maximize the quality of service to the public through individual performance, team effectiveness and department efficiency.  This is accomplished with the design, development, and implementation of programs using proven adult learning theories and instructional design strategies.  To ensure the effectiveness of our programs, we conduct training needs assessments, transfer of learning evaluations, and return on investment. 

Programs include City-wide classes on workplace compliance, employment law and City policies.  Training on various topics is conducted for focus groups on an as needed basis.  An annual Supervisory Academy provides department staff the opportunity to enhance the knowledge, skills and competencies needed in today’s changing environment.

A Computer Training Lab is provided for instructor-led, self-study, and web-based classes in computer software applications.  Customized curriculum and individual and group project support is available through the lab. 

Orientation of new employees includes training on City policies and our customer service philosophy.

Picture of the City of Norman Core Value Award

Core Values

A Core Value Award program recognizes employees for significant accomplishments and work performance exemplifying our City of Norman Mission of “Working Together to Deliver Exceptional Service” and Core Values of “Service, Professionalism, Teamwork, Responsiveness, Fairness, Respect, Accountability and Caring”.