Where to Park and How to Pay


City of Norman Rates for Paid Parking

Campus Corner Area:
& Asp Avenue Parking Lot
Downtown Area:
County Courthouse
& East Gray Street Parking Lot


$1.00 per hour


$0.25 per hour


Mon – Sat  8AM – 9PM


Mon – Fri  8AM – 5PM

TIME LIMITS:  Maximum stay in the Campus Corner area and Asp Avenue Parking lot is two hours between 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM and three hours between 6:00 PM and 9:00 PM.

TIME LIMITS:  Maximum stay in the Downtown area and East Gray Street Parking Lot is nine hours.  Time cannot be purchased beyond 5pm.

EVENT RATE (Asp Avenue Parking Lot for OU Football Games): $25/ Day

  • Parking rates in effect are specified on the parking meter or pay station.
  • Meters are not required to be utilized on Sundays and City observed holidays unless marked otherwise.
  • It is not proper to deposit any coinage into the parking meters or pay stations other than those issued by the United States.
  • It is also not proper to increase or extend the parking time for any vehicle at any metered space beyond the legal parking time established on the display of the meter or pay station.
  • EV vehicles parked in EV Charging parking spaces will not be responsible for any parking fee as long as they are actively charging.


  • If payment is attempted at a meter after a vehicle has reached or exceeded its maximum stay per ordinances, the meter may accept payment but will not grant any additional time and will continue to display an expired condition to Parking Enforcement Officers.
  • For more information about the rate of paid parking in Norman, please review the Parking Management Business Plans on the Parking Planning page.
  • The Gray Street Parking Lot is located on the south side of the 200 block of E Gray St. between N Peters Ave. and N Crawford Ave. A portion of the Gray Street Parking Lot, totaling 41 spaces, is available for leased parking to downtown employers and employees. The application and lease agreement documents, as well as additional information about Leased Parking, can also be found on the Parking Planning page.
  • The Asp Avenue Parking Lot is located at 710 Asp avenue between Asp Avenue and Buchanan Ave.

Payment Methods

There are multiple options for how to pay for metered parking in the City of Norman.

Paying at the Meter

All individual meters and pay stations accept US coins and all major US credit cards. Metered parking in Norman uses "pay by plate" and "pay by space" technology which means there is no need for a receipt or validation ticket, just enter your license plate number when you go to pay; at a parking lot you will also need the number of the space in which you are parked.

If a receipt is required for business or reimbursement purposes, one can be requested by emailing transit@normanok.gov in a timely manner and providing the date & time, location, and license plate number associated with the requested parking receipt.

Flowbird Parking App

For users that park in metered parking on a regular basis, downloading the Flowbird app onto a cell phone may be the most convenient way to pay for parking.

In the Flowbird app users can securely save card data and license plate data to streamline the process of paying for parking. In a few quick steps users can (1) select the closest meter, (2) enter which license plate is parked and the parking space number (if applicable), (3) how long the vehicle will stay, and (4) which card will be used to pay. The Flowbird app also allows you to set a reminder for when your time will expire and even to add time (if available) without returning to the meter or your vehicle.

A summary of parking payments made through the Flowbird app is available on each account's Account/History page which can be exported for business or reimbursement purposes.  

Additionally, since the City of Norman and the University of Oklahoma have the same Flowbird pay stations, this same parking app is universal across Norman. 

Download the Flowbird Parking App

Text to Pay (727563)

For users that only park in metered parking infrequently, or would rather not download the Flowbird app, a similar process is available without saving your card or license plate data. Users can check the closest meter to where they parked for that meter's code or check the table below, then send the code corresponding to where they are parked via a text message to 727563. Users will receive a response with a link to an online payment system for the location where the vehicle is parked.  

Text-to-Pay Parking Codes - Text 727563
Code Location
ParkNorm1 Gray Street Parking Lot
ParkNorm2 Asp Avenue Parking Lot
ParkNorm3 Campus Corner Area On-Street Parking
ParkNorm4 Cleveland County Courthouse Area On-Street Parking


Types of Meters and Pay Stations

All of the metered parking in Norman can be paid using the Flowbird App or Text-to-Pay methods listed above, but making payments at the meter or pay station directly will differ slightly depending on what type of meter is available. If you believe that a meter is malfunctioning please notify the Transit and Parking staff as soon as possible by emailing transit@normanok.gov

Flowbird pay stations are the most common meter style available in Norman and have replaced nearly all of the individual meters that were previously used. As mentioned above regarding the Flowbird app, this same model is also used across the University of Oklahoma campus to facilitate universal access. An instructional video for how to use the solar powered Flowbird pay station kiosk can be found at the link below. 

How To Use Flowbird Pay Stations

Individual meters are still in use along Buchanan Ave north of Boyd St. and a portion of Asp Ave. north of White St. due to the sporadic and spaced apart nature of on-street parking in that area. These individual meters are solar powered just like the Flowbird pay stations and are still capable of receiving coin or card payments, as well as being accessible with the Flowbird App or Text-to-Pay options. An instructional video for how to use the individual M5 Smart Meters can be found at the link below. 

How To Use M5 Smart Meters

Parking Violations, Citations, and Variances

Rules for parking are established through City Ordinances and enforced by Norman PD's Parking Enforcement Officers. Citations for parking violations must be resolved or paid through the Municipal Court. Applications for special use of parking through a variance permit can be submitted through the Norman Police Department Records office. 

For an explanation of the types of violations, please visit:

Municipal Court Violations

To pay your citation online, visit:

Online Citation Payment

For more information about parking variances and the parking variance permit application form, visit:

Parking Variances