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Norman On-Demand is a pilot microtransit service launching for late night & Sunday service in core Norman on August 21, 2023. Norman On-Demand is a turnkey service provided by TransitTech provider Via. The Norman On-Demand app is available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

This service compliments existing public transit service by extending service into the late night hours and during the day on Sundays for a small fee. 


Service Hours



7pm – 1am

First Passenger


Thursday- Saturday

7pm – 3am

Each Additional Passenger


OU SafeRide:  Thursday- Saturday

10pm – 3am

OU SafeRide

(OU Students using OU email address during SafeRide hours)



10am – 6pm

ADA/Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles available upon request.

More detailed information for how to use the service, policies and procedures, and a link to download the app can be found by visiting:

Norman On Demand

Because this is a pilot program, there may be changes to service area, hours of operations, or other aspects of the service while we focus the program to efficiently serve the needs and desires of our community, but we will always do our best to make sure you are aware of any planned changes before they are in effect. 

Below is a map of the initial service area and some of the popular destinations the app will already have saved for your convenience.
2023 Norman On-Demand Zone Map

History of the Project

At the direction of Norman City Council, Norman city staff began exploring options for microtransit to expand the the city’s access to flexible, efficient public transportation in 2021. After thorough research and public meeting discussion during fiscal year 2022, funding for a microtransit pilot program was approved in the fiscal year 2023 budget. Following consultation work and requests for proposals, the City of Norman engaged with TransitTech provider Via by contract in June 2023 and finalized a partnership agreement with the University of Oklahoma in August 2023.