The Collision data sets includes information from our records system on collisions based on severity and injury associated. Both collision data sets are updated to reflect more details such as date, time, collision location, and cause as of February 2024. 

The Collision data set is a listing of each traffic collision with details like date, time, location, unit, and contributing factors. 

The Collision by Injury data sets is a count of the injuries sustained in a collision grouped by date and time, accident number, and severity of injuries sustained in the collision. This means each collision may have multiple entries if there are multiple types of injuries.

Injury Types include:

  • Not Applicable
  • Unknown
  • Not Injured
  • Possible
  • Non-Incapacitated
  • Incapacitated
  • Deceased

These two data sets work together to provide the date, time, location, units, contributing factors, and injury information relevant to collisions occurring in Norman.