Norman Citizens Advisory Board

To further its focus of transparency and community partnerships, the Norman Police Department maintains the Norman Citizens Advisory Board (NCAB). Representative of the Norman community, the diverse board serves in an advisory capacity to the Chief of Police regarding issues relevant to police-community relations and outreach to the community. 

The overall focus of NCAB is to review various department investigations and enhance community trust, as citizen participation and interaction with the police are fundamental to achieving comprehensive law enforcement. 

The NCAB’s composition is representative of residents from all members of the city. Members of NCAB will be comprised of a cross-section of residents and inclusive of differences in race, color, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, and disability. All residents have the opportunity to apply to become board members. All ethnic and cultural organizations are encouraged to submit candidates for open positions on the NCAB. Applications will open annually.

Additional Information on NCAB

Current members of the Norman Citizens Advisory Board (NCAB)

Mark Emerson - Chair  

Michael Snowdon - Vice Chair 

Sarah Roberts - Secretary 

Jason Rapp 

Sheila McPherson 

Gregory Gilkey 

Larry Steine 

Jason Seapy

Apply to be a Member of the NCAB

Apply to be a member of Norman Citizens Advisory Board

Applications are currently being accepted for the Norman Citizens Advisory Board (NCAB). To apply, download and complete this application. A printed copy of the application can also be obtained at the Norman Police Department, 112 W. Daws Street. 

To apply, you must be at least 18 years of age and a Norman resident. 

Completed applications can be mailed or delivered to:

Norman Police Department

c/o Norman Citizens Advisory Board 

112 W. Daws Street

Norman, OK 73069

NCAB Feedback Form

A resident can submit a concern, comment, or feedback to the Norman Citizens Advisory Board at any time via an online form. All submitted information is directly routed to the Norman Citizens Advisory Board.  

If you wish to receive a response from the Norman Citizens Advisory Board, please provide an email or phone number on your form submission. 

Submit a Norman Citizens Advisory Board Feedback Form