NFD - Deputy Chief

The Fire Suppression Division operates three 24 hour shifts, and each shift is commanded by an Assistant Chief. Firefighters respond from 9 stations located throughout the city and organized into 9 districts.  There are 9 engine companies and 1 truck company staffed by a minimum of four personnel.  The personnel consist of 1 Captain, 1 Driver/Engineer, and at least 2 Firefighters.  The Fire Department strives to meet the NFPA standard response time of 5 minutes from being dispatched.  

Of the 10 front line fire apparatus, 10 have pumping capabilities with 5 of them having aerial capabilities.  The Fire Department, in addition to its suppression apparatus, staffs 1 Heavy Rescue Company, 1 Regional Hazmat Company, 9 brush pumpers and 3 tankers.

The Fire Department's mission is to provide the highest possible fire, rescue and emergency medical services for the protection of life, property, commerce and the environment in the City of Norman.

All firefighters are trained in the latest fire suppression techniques, hazardous materials mitigation, medical first response and basic technical rescue techniques.  A firefighter's base of knowledge must cover the areas of building construction, hydraulics, medical treatment, fire sprinkler/standpipe systems, safe driving practices and vehicle extrication techniques. 


NFD - All Assistant Chief

The department is split into 3 assigned crews staffing up to a maximum of 50 suppression personnel daily.  Each of these shifts are overseen and ran by the Assistant Chief and Battalion Chief on duty that day reflected by A-Crew, B-Crew and C-Crew staffing.

NFD - All Battalion Chiefs