Special Operations


The Norman Fire Department delivers a multitude of services to the residents and visitors of Norman.  Within the growing city of Norman there are many services and attractions that require special levels of training to mitigate emergencies that may occur.  Some of those services and attractions are:

  • Lake Thunderbird
  • Vast Business and Entertainment Districts
  • Railways
  • Interstates
  • Airports
  • University of Oklahoma on campus Events
  • Residential high-rise buildings

Residents and visitors can rest assured that the Norman Fire Department is ready to respond to any emergency.  The dedicated management, specially trained firefighters, extensive equipment and intense training of special operations members ensures an increased level of safety in all areas of the City of Norman.

Heavy Rescue Truck & Regional Hazmat Response Unit

The Norman Fire Department operates a Heavy Rescue Truck and a Regional Hazmat Response Unit.  Capable of deploying with these units is an air trailer with supplied air respirator capability and a mass casualty unit operated by EMSSTAT. These teams extend the capabilities of fire-rescue and medical response to confined space rescue, high angle rescue, trench/excavation rescue, water related emergencies, boat operations, structural collapse/emergency shoring, heavy extrication, hazardous materials, mass casualty incidents and urban search and rescue.  These teams respond to mitigate both natural and man-made disasters on a local and state level.

Bike Team - special events

We are excited to have a bike team to offer the citizens and those that visit our community during special events hosted in Norman.  A few of those events include May Fair, Music Festival, Medieval Fair, OU football games, 4th of July fireworks and many others.  The bikes give our fire personnel the ability to maneuver quickly and efficiently through crowed areas in time of need.  Equipment carried on the bike include medical equipment, automatic defibrillator, radio communications, lights for night events and audible warning devices.


Training is of the most important functions of fire department today.  Our department has a training center located at the fire station 7 location.  It includes a large class room where multiple units came come together for training to keep skills up to date.  The training grounds houses a multi story fire burn tower where live fire training evolutions can be done.  There training grounds are also the location where our recruit classes are trained during the acedemy they will do.  The fire service is a mentally and phyically demanding job which is why staying current and trained on our skills is paramount for us here at the Norman Fire Department.