Ward 4 -Helen Grant

City Council Grant 2023

Councilmember Helen Grant not only a resident of Ward 4, but understands the specific interests and concerns of Ward 4 residents.  Prior to being elected as the Ward 4 Councilmember, Helen worked with community organizers and the City on an ordinance that allows no barrier, 24/7 community fridges to be placed back into the public sphere.

Ward Four begins at the intersection of Imhoff Road and Berry Road; thence North on Berry Road to Robinson Street; thence East on Robinson Street to 12th Avenue N.E.; thence South on 12th Avenue N.E. and 12th Avenue S.E. to Lindsey Street; thence West on Lindsey Street to Chautauqua Avenue; thence South on Chautauqua Avenue to State Highway 9; thence Northwest on State Highway 9 to Imhoff Road; thence east on Imhoff Road to Berry Road to the point of beginning.

Councilmember Grant intends to focus on affordable housing for people struggling with homelessness and on affordable water for resident who are having trouble paying their bills.  The three things she is most passionate about are homelessness, mental health and economic development.

Councilmember Grant serves on the Business and Community Affairs Committee and serves as the Council liaison to the Visit Norman Board.