City of Norman Accomplishments

Leader in Norman

1st City in Oklahoma to adopt the U.S. Mayors' Climate Protection Agreement

1st City in the United States to have a "Water's Worth It" Proclamation

1st LEED Fire Station in Oklahoma.  LEED Certified Projects

1st Gray Water Ordinance in the state

1st Alternative Fuel Sanitation Truck in Oklahoma

1st Municipal Compost Facility in Oklahoma


Plan Norman - 2018

Center City Form Based Code for core Norman - 2019

Transportation and Fleet

1. Fuel Conservation Policy was adopted in 2008

2. An alternative fuel program approved in 2009 established a purchasing protocol for new vehicles

3. Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fuel facility 2012

4. Installed electric charging stations at municipal buildings and throughout the city. 

5. Adopted a Comprehensive Transportation Plan in 2014 to integrate vehicular, walking, bicycling and transit use.

6. Created a Bicycle Advisory Board

7. Hired a Public Transportation Manager in 2019

8. Norman was named a Bike Friendly Community in 2016

9. Created a Bike Map

10. Public Transportation through Embark

Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation

1. Greenhouse gas emissions baseline established for the year 2000

2. All Norman traffic signals have LED displays

3. Energy compliance report is required for commercial projects which includes mandatory inspections

4. Home Energy Rating System (HERS)

5. Adopted Sierra Club's Ready for 100 Resolution

6. Adopted updates by the Environmental Control Advisory Board's for the Mayors' Climate Protection Agreement Resolution

7. Water Reclamation Facility and the Water Treatment Facility increased pump efficiencies and reduced energy consumption


Waste Diversion


1. Mandatory curbside recycling - decreasing waste stream tonnage by 23%

2. Three recycling drop-off centers located throughout the City of Norman

Compost and Yard Waste

1. Compost and mulch is available to Norman residents at no cost

2. Yard waste collection - weekly curbside pickup

Seasonal Clean-up

1. Curbside pickup for waste

          a. Free service at the Transfer Station on Saturday during seasonal clean-up

Household Hazardous Waste

1. Annual collection events

          a. Since inception of the event, over 2.2 million pounds of chemicals and other items have been collected

Fats, Oils, and Grease program

1. Beginning in 2005, mandatory program was approved for food establishments that produce waste grease

Parks and Recreation

1. Established Adopt-A-Park

2. Hired a Forester

3. Created a Tree Board

4. Esablished a Community Forestry Plan

5. Recognized as a Tree City USA since 2005

6. A Tree Protection Ordinance was adopted in 2019

7. Utility Vegetation Management Ordinance was adopted in 2019

Water Conservation and Protection

1. Gray Water Ordinance 2012

2. Water Conservation Plan

3. Rain Sensors and Freeze Gauge Ordinance

4. Water Quality Protection Zone Ordinance

5. Manufactured Fertilizer Ordinance

6. Tiered Water Rate

7. Wastewater Reuse

Public Education examples

1. Artful Inlets

2. Earth Day Festival

3. Water's Worth It Poster Contest/Art Show

4. Watershed Cleanups

5. Social Media