Emergency Management - Helpful Links


Here are some links to provide you additional resources in efforts to prepare yourself for many different types of events.

State Weather Safety Checklists

These links provide below are useful resources to have safety checklist in efforts to be prepared for situations that arise.

HAM Radio Info

SCARS - South Canadian Amateur Radio Society

Amateur radio operators (hams) have been granted a license by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to use radio transmitters to communicate. These unpaid volunteers design, build and operate radio systems that allow them to send Morse code, voice, digital messages, email, digital data, and video across town or around the globe. During emergencies, communication services are usually at a premium. This group of trained operators responds to fill those needs. In Norman, they help people learn the skills needed to pass the license test and learn more about the hobby. Each Saturday, this group monitors the City's outdoor warning sirens, provide emergency communications, and provide storm spotters during severe weather events. They are always looking for new volunteers and would be happy to help you get involved.

SCARS - South Canadian Amateur Radio Society