Meeting schedules, including current copies, and archived meeting agendas and minutes can be accessed here. Documents from 2023 to the present that aren't found below can be accessed on Municode. If you have any questions or if you are needing a copy of an agenda that is not posted please contact the City Clerk's office at 405-366-5386.

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2017-11-21_center_city_statutory_review_committee_agenda 224.3 KB
2017-11-21_center_city_project_review_committee_minutes 493.46 KB
2017-11-06_center_city_statutory_review_committee_agenda 256.5 KB
2017-11-06_center_city_project_review_committee_minutes 246.81 KB
2017-10-09_center_city_statutory_review_committee_agenda 10.87 KB
2017-10-09_center_city_project_review_committee_minutes 370.52 KB
2017-09-27_center_city_statutory_review_committee_agenda_-_cancelled 4.91 KB
2017-09-14_center_city_statutory_review_committee_agenda 246.05 KB
2017-09-14_center_city_project_review_committee_minutes 286.8 KB