Request for Mayor or City Council Members at Events

Thank you for your interest in having a representative from the City of Norman attend your event. Please use this form to request an appearance by or speaking engagement with the Mayor or a Norman City Councilmember.

If you are requesting a proclamation for your event, please fill out the Proclamation Request Form.

Due to the high volume of requests, please be aware that the Norman City Council is unable to accommodate every request. Only requests for events 60 days prior to the event will be considered.

Thank you very much!

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If the person/persons of highest priority is unavailable, would you like your invitation to be extended to other Council Members?
What level of participation would you like?
If requested to speak, in what capacity?
If requesting more than one attendee and requesting a speaker, who would be your preferred speaker?
Will the media be in attendance?
Is the event open to the public or is it a private event?

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