Our City Logo

City of Norman Logo

Norman is a city that is forward thinking, so the logo was purposely designed to embody this notion. The bold contrasts and vibrant colors denote a feeling of strength and optimism.

Each symbol on the City logo represent a certain aspect of Norman:

The white starburst within the blue field is a sunrise; a blazing star on the horizon.

From here we progress into the red and white color field that the star is emerging from. The second half of the star’s circle is composed of a mechanical gear. This symbolizes Norman’s business and industry.

The remainder of the red and white color field becomes a series of icons that represent those areas of Norman’s community that are high importance.

  • The feather represents this region’s Native American heritage.
  • The bolt of energy symbolizes not only the energy of Norman's people but also the state’s leadership in oil, natural gas, and solar research and production.
  • The agricultural heritage of this area is denoted by the stalk of wheat.
  • Norman’s interest in the fine arts and entertainment is represented by the musical note.
  • Finally the pencil tip in the corner symbolizes the aspect of education in Norman, from its excellent public schools to the University of Oklahoma.