Norman Flag

City of Norman Flag Medium Version


Formal Symbolism

The emblem is inspired by our namesake, Abner Norman who first surveyed its land for development. It is taken from the central element of a circumferentor, or surveyor’s compass. A symbol of Norman’s steadfast pioneering spirit.

The compass rose itself has its origins in ancient meteorology and serves to symbolize Norman’s role as the home of the National Weather Center providing weather data for the entire nation as well as our leadership in meteorological research.

The Eight Points (or “Winds”)

The eight points, or “winds,” of the compass rose represent Norman’s eight wards, contained within a unifying circle (which can also be viewed as an O for Oklahoma).

Eight points also represent the core principles we hold dear in Norman. Seven of which are represented on the City Logo: (in no particular order)

  • Optimism: Forward and future thinking. (Formerly signified by the white starburst.)
  • Industry: Strength and innovation from a local to international scale. (Formerly signified by the mechanical gear.)
  • Energy: The energy of Norman's people as well as the State's leadership in oil, natural gas and solar energy research and production. (Formerly signified by the lightning bolt.)
  • Education: From our excellent public school system to our vocational and technical campuses to the world class University of Oklahoma, education is a value Norman holds in very high regard. (Formerly signified by the pencil.)
  • Agriculture: From historic heritage to the current industry, agriculture is very significant to Norman. (Formerly signified by the wheat stalk.)
  • Arts and Entertainment: From the bustling local art scene to the abundance of entertainment options, the City of Festivals is a center of arts and entertainment. (Formerly signified by the music note.)
  • Native Culture: Norman is nothing without the majesty of our Native American heritage that predates our city and continually shines to make Norman a special place. (Formerly signified by an eagle feather.)

Amending an eighth principle;

  • Inclusivity: Ringing the virtue of our city motto “Building an inclusive community.” Norman strives to be a place welcoming to all. We acknowledge both the successes and failings of our past and move forward with equality and inclusivity in mind.

Additionally there is great meaning in the eight pointed star as it appears in many different cultures across the globe. Most relevant to our region, the inscribed eight point star resembles the Native American hope symbol. Wherein the eight pointed star represents hope and guidance, the circle represents protection.

The central emblem is placed toward the hoist and rendered in white. The white represents omni potential and optimism as we move forward in time crafting an inclusive community. A blue pale at the hoist represents the natural beauty around us, the waters and ecosystems of Lake Thunderbird, the Canadian river, and the blue sky above us. A red field represents the passion—for education, culture, and community—that defines the residents of Norman.

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City of Norman Flag - Large 1880 x 1125

City of Norman Flag - Medium 940 x 563

City of Norman Flag - Small 235 x 141