Winter Weather Information, February 2022

4 P.M. 2/25/22: Additional non-rural trash routes have been delayed for pickup today - Friday 2/25/22. Sanitation ran several routes today but, in the interest of safety for both citizens and staff, operations ceased upon continuous reports of hazardous roadway conditions in neighborhoods. In accordance with southmost Friday routes as outlined on this map, impacted areas for this announcement largely include neighborhoods between 12th Avenue SE and 24 Avenue SE, as well as areas between 48th Avenue SE and 36th Avenue SE.

Sanitation regrets the delay in service and aims to retrieve all delayed routes over the weekend. However, residents are advised that ongoing weather patterns and temperatures may continue to pose challenges in picking up routes so delays may persist. Any extra trash accumulated as a result of delays may be bagged and set beside carts for pickup. Updates will continue to be posted to and all affected areas will be serviced as soon as possible.

Specific questions can be sent into


11:50 A.M. 2/25/22: Rural Friday routes for trash collection have been delayed as a result of ongoing hazardous road conditions. They are slated to be picked up Saturday, February 26, 2022. See affected areas concerning delayed trash collection routes this week by clicking here.

NPD reports that travel is still not advised at this time. 


4:45 P.M. 2/24/22: There is an ongoing Hazardous Weather Outlook for the Norman area. Road-clearing operations by City staff will continue through the night. Those who must travel should do so with caution and allot extra time to reach destinations.

Public Works has shared the following data concerning operations since the onset of this winter weather event:  

  • 22,500 Total gallons of Brine Pre-treatment distributed prior to start of precipitation;
  • 550 tons of Salt/Sand Mix distributed over 485 Miles of roadway;
  • 893 Lane miles plowed.

Recreation and community centers will have a delayed opening at noon tomorrow 2/25/22. Westwood tennis and golf courses will remain closed 2/25/22.

Citizens may review Cold Weather Safety information, as published from the National Weather Service, by clicking here.


12:15 P.M. 2/24/22: Rural trash collection routes for Wednesday and Thursday of this week have been delayed until Saturday, February 26, 2022. Friday collection routes may also be delayed. Please click here for more information.


5:15 P.M. 2/23/22: Public Works reports that motor graders and plows continue addressing primary and secondary routes and will continue working until further notice. Recreation and community centers will remain closed through 2/24/22, as will the Westwood Golf Course and Tennis Center. Travel is still not advised at this time. Slick and hazardous roadway conditions should be expected through the evening. Follow the National Weather Service for the latest weather updates.


8:30 A.M. 2/23/22: Winter Storm Warning is in effect for our area through 6 p.m. 2/24/22. Travel is not advised during this time. Due to current conditions, NPD is not currently responding to non-injury collisions. Motorists involved in non-injury collisions are asked to safely move off of the roadway and exchange information. Certain rural sanitation routes (see map here) may also be delayed due to road conditions. Residents should leave cans at curb until serviced. If drivers cannot avoid travel, they are encouraged to coordinate travel according to snow/ice routes:

Recreation and community centers are closed today 2/23/22, as is the Westwood Golf Course and Tennis Center. 

Riders may experience transit service delays throughout the day as buses carefully navigate the roads. To stay up to date on Norman transit service, follow EMBARK on Facebook ( or check their website at


5:45 P.M. 2/22/22: Hazardous Weather Outlook and Winter Weather Advisory is currently in effect for the Norman area. Dangerous wind chills and mixed precipitation are expected. Staff is monitoring conditions and pretreatment of roadways, which began this morning 2/22/22, is ongoing at this time. All salt and sanding equipment is stocked and prepared; 24-hour shifts have been implemented for Streets crews and will continue as long as needed. 

Drivers should always give 200 feet of clearance to roadway clearing equipment. Locally, advised routes of travel during extreme winter weather can be found here:

View Oklahoma Department of Transportation Winter Weather Tips by clicking here and view a regional snow map from the Association of Central Oklahoma Governments by clicking here. 

All sanitation routes are slated to run on 2/23/22 at this time. Residents should leave carts at the curb until serviced.

The community is advised to follow the latest weather updates through the National Weather Service. Significant updates regarding City operations will be posted to this webpage.

Report water concerns or outages to the City of Norman at 405-329-0703 from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays or to 405-321-1600 any other time. Report other utility concerns or outages to your household providers such as OGE, OEC, or OERB. Watch for closures online and through local media outlets. Dial 911 if there is an emergency. Information to sign up for Norman Alerts can be found here.

The City of Norman Warming Shelter at 325 E. Comanche Street remains open nightly, beginning at 7 p.m., and a list of other shelters and community resources can be found through this webpage.

WATER TREATMENT DIVISION REMINDERS: To help prevent pipes from freezing, citizens are reminded to open cabinet doors to circulate warm air around exposed pipes. If needed, allow faucets to drip for pipes of concern (a slow drip, producing a stream no larger than a diameter of a needle and or pencil lead). The pipes that are most likely to freeze have the greatest chance of doing so when temperatures drop to 20ºF or lower. These pipes are located within the exterior walls, in garages, or under crawl spaces.