Water testing solicitations occurring in community

The City of Norman has been made aware of private companies offering water testing to property owners throughout the community. To clear up confusion, the City of Norman would like to make known:

  • City of Norman departments do not monetarily solicit – by mail, door-to-door or otherwise – property owners or dwellers for water testing services. Normanites wishing to learn more about their water quality can review the annual Consumer Confidence Report or contact the Water Treatment Division at 405.321.2182. Water samples are taken weekly in all areas of the city’s distribution system and tested for compliance, quality and safety, as outlined by state and federal regulations.
    • Note: City of Norman utility customers may receive surveys, marked by City of Norman letterhead, and information regarding voluntary participation in Lead and Copper testing; City of Norman utility customers may be visited by City staff equipped with identification during repeat water testing that takes place in certain areas.
  • For City of Norman utility customers, questions regarding the legitimacy of such notices or appeals can be directed to the Water Treatment Division at 405.321.2182 or by emailing WTP_Admin@normanok.gov. If at any time you feel you have been a victim of a scam, please contact the Norman Police Department at 405.321.1444.