Today is Election Day for GO Norman 2020 Special Election

Norman residents will vote on four propositions that would invest $119.9 million on Tuesday, August 25. The investment would complete the remaining Norman FORWARD quality-of-life projects, address homelessness in Norman, renovate municipal facilities to provide better service and safety to residents, and provide a relief mechanism to Norman's small businesses. If all four General Obligation (GO) bonds are approved, the average Norman homeowner would pay about $13.93 a month for all four propositions.

This bond package, known as GO Norman 2020, will include four propositions:

  • Proposition 1: Norman FORWARD — This proposition would provide the $85.6 million needed to complete the remaining Norman FORWARD projects to meet the needs and desires of the community. These include the Multi-Sports and Aquatic Center, Senior Wellness Center, Softball/Football Complex, Ruby Grant Park, Reaves Park and a Parks Maintenance Facility. Based on input from resident Ad Hoc committees, additional funding is needed to accomplish the original vision for many of the remaining Norman FORWARD projects approved by voters in 2015. If approved, construction on the remaining projects would begin in spring 2021.
  • Proposition 2: Homelessness Facilities — This proposition would provide $5 million to construct one or more built solutions intended to assist individuals and families experiencing homelessness in Norman. The function and programming of the solution(s) will be further refined based on studies of homelessness and housing affordability that are underway. This week, The City released a Request for Proposals (RFP) for Norman’s first comprehensive Homelessness Strategic Plan.
  • Proposition 3: Municipal Facilities — This proposition would provide $24.3 million needed to complete Municipal Services Facilities to provide better service and safety to Norman residents. These include an Emergency Operations/Dispatch Center, Fleet and Fire Maintenance Facilities, a stand-alone Municipal Court and Police Department and City Hall renovations. Municipal facilities serve as the base of operations for many of the services the City of Norman provides. A comprehensive study and needs assessments show that the City needs additional facilities and renovations to meet the needs of Norman's growing community.
  • Proposition 4: Small Business Relief — This proposition would allocate $5 million to a small business relief fund to spur economic and community development in Norman in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, with particular emphasis on marginalized communities, job retention and creation programs.

Items included in Proposition 1: Norman FORWARD and Proposition 3: Municipal Facilities represent projects that Norman voters have already approved that have been affected by factors such as increased construction costs and declining sales tax revenue and that require additional funding to meet the needs and desires of the community.

Items included in Proposition 2: Homelessness Facilities and Proposition 4: Small Business Relief Fund represent projects that fill a timely community need and require funding to aid underserved populations. On Tuesday, City Council will consider a plan to implement a Small Business Relief Fund program based on recommendations set forth by the Norman Economic Development Advisory Board, which includes guidelines for eligibility and applications process.

GO bonds are a common financing tool used by local and state governments to fund infrastructure projects like large capital improvements. If approved, the City expects to issue bonds in installments beginning in 2021. This means that property owners won’t see an increase in their property taxes due to these bonds until the 2021 bill, which will be due in spring 2022.

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Oklahoma's proof of identity law requires every voter who votes in person at the precinct polling place or during early voting at the County Election Board to show proof of identity before receiving a ballot. A document used for proof of identity for voting must have been issued by the United States government, the State of Oklahoma, or a federally recognized tribal government. If you do not have or if you refuse to show proof of identity, you may vote by provisional ballot and prove your identity by signing a sworn affidavit. After election day, County Election Board officials will investigate the information provided by the voter on the affidavit and either will approve the provisional ballot for counting or will reject it based on the outcome of that investigation.

Regular voting is Tuesday, Aug. 25 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. at your usual polling location.

Oklahoma voters who have visual or physical disabilities may vote independently and privately at their polling places on election day and during early voting at the County Election Board office preceding every election. Learn more here.

Voters who requested an absentee ballot through the Military and Overseas Absentee Balloting system will be notified by e-mail when a ballot for an election in which they are eligible to vote becomes available.  The e-mail contains a link to the log-in page of Military and Overseas Absentee Balloting system.