Statement on Announcers Use of Racial Slur

The Norman Police Department (NPD) and its Diversity and Equity Committee detest the racist comments made about the Norman High School women’s basketball team during a broadcast Thursday. The department echoes the thoughts of Diversity and Equity Committee co-chair and School Resource Officer, Sergeant Neelon Greenwood on his statement regarding the incident.

“You cannot maneuver through life without going through difficult times. This is one of those times where the difficult conversation will be had with our young children, yet again. This is the time where we began to ask the question on when will this hate change. This is the time where all of the hard work and effort that occurs daily trying to make things right seem to be for nothing.

I wear many hats in this community that I love dearly. I am a School Resource Officer, Police Officer, and the chair of Norman Police Department’s Diversity and Equity Committee. The recent event that took place on Thursday that was targeted toward Norman High School (NHS) student athletes is unacceptable and cannot be tolerated. Racism and hate are a sickness that serve only to try to divide us. The climb up the hill to reach unity and equality is never ending but we will continue to climb.

These young women are tough. They are fighters. The comments made against them will add fuel to their fire. Fuel to their fire not only during this basketball state tournament, but also as they grow up and become accomplished women in our society. As we figure out ways to join in unity for our future, we cannot forget what is inked in our past.

Norman High Lady Tigers, we stand behind your right to freedom of expression. As we struggle from being upset at the slandering words used, let this be a time where our voices come together in solidarity. The table has been set and it is time for us to come together and come up with innovative ideas to help carve the future. Fight on, NHS Tigers!”