Residents advised of blue-green algae detection

Blue-green algae has been detected in NE Lions Park pond and additional signage is currently being placed in the area to remind residents that pets and people are prohibited from entering all bodies of water in city parks.

The Parks & Recreation Department became aware of test results from the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (ODEQ) on July 14 and shared the information with the Cleveland County Health Department (CCHD). Chemical treatment is not recommended by ODEQ officials at this time. City staff will work with the ODEQ to determine future steps and intends to evaluate aeration processes. No harm to fish or other wildlife in the pond has been observed.

Visual inspections of other City ponds have not indicated the presence of blue-green algae. Any concerns from community members may be called into 405.366.5472.

If a concern regarding exposure exists, a person should seek medical guidance.