NPD Statement on Community Initiatives

The Norman Police Department appreciates the efforts of the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) to develop a unit similar to our Community and Staff Services Bureau announced in October. We will continue to work together with CCSO to identify and resolve root causes of criminal activity and social harms to reduce crime and improve overall quality of life for all of Norman. 

Norman is the third largest city in Oklahoma and is continuing to grow. Continued growth results in increased complex challenges requiring adequate resources to provide the level of service our residents have come to expect. Staffing of 180 commissioned officers is not adequate to serve an area of approximately 190 square miles. We appreciate the continued efforts of our law enforcement partners as we work together to provide core critical services. 

“We hear the concerns of our residents and business community and are disappointed that we do not have the resources necessary to provide the level of service they have come to expect and deserve,” said Norman Police Chief Kevin Foster. “Despite resource constraints, we will continue to initiate enforcement and outreach projects to address issues and concerns throughout the city.”