NPD achieves Numerous Top Honors at the DeBerry Memorial Regional and Oklahoma State Police Pistol Combat Championship

The Norman Police Department (NPD) and the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) Lodge #122 partnered to host and compete in the Annual Dale DeBerry Memorial Regional and Oklahoma State PPC Championship this past weekend. Competitors from Norman included Lt. Jeremy Garnand, Sgt. Joshua Barker, Sgt. Cole Gardner, MPO Elliot Gribaudo, MPO Jamie Crowe, Officer Bryce Shattuck, Officer Bryce Henshall, and Officer Kyle Burk. Norman retirees Sgt. Robert Wasoski and Rangemaster David St. John also competed.

Individually, the competitors from Norman performed extremely well taking 38 individual first place finishes, 8 individual second place finishes, and 14 individual third place finishes. Gribaudo earned 15 individual first place finishes, Burk captured 14 individual first place finishes, Garnand garnered 4 individual first place finishes, Gardner attained 3 individual first place finishes, and Barker and Crowe each earned an individual first place finish. 

Norman’s delegation also performed well in the team competitions with Barker, Gardner, Gribaudo, and Crowe winning the 4-person State Championship. Gardner, Barker, Crowe and Burk also won the Regional Revolver and Semi-Auto 4-person Team Matches. Additionally, Garnand and Burk won the 2-person State Championship.

Norman Officers were recognized during an awards reception Saturday evening as members of the 2023 Governor’s 20 which identifies the top 20 competitive law enforcement shooters in the state of Oklahoma. Congratulations to Officers Garnand (3), Barker (4), Gribaudo (10), Gardner (11), Wasoski (14), Crowe (16), Burk (12), and Shattuck (18) for their superior performance and induction into this year’s elite group.

Police Pistol Combat (PPC) is an NRA sponsored sport allowing competitors to shoot both semi-automatic pistols and revolvers. The competition rounds require competitors to shoot firearms from distances from three yards to 50 yards, utilizing various positions and varying time limits.

NPD and FOP Lodge #122 would like to extend their gratitude and congratulations to the Norman delegation for their strong representation and accomplishments in the Annual Dale DeBerry Memorial Regional and Oklahoma State PPC Championships.