Norman City Council adopts FYE 2023 Budget

New Fiscal Year to begin July 1, 2022

Norman City Council adopted a budget for Fiscal Year Ending (FYE) June 30, 2023, at the Special Meeting of June 14, 2022, following three opportunities for public comment and several Finance Committee reviews and discussions.

Two items were on the Special Meeting agenda and approved by Norman City Council – the adoption of the Norman Convention & Visitors Bureau budget with a detailed plan of work and the adoption of a total proposed budget of $251M for the City of Norman. The full meeting, which included public commentary, can be reviewed on the City’s YouTube page here.

Through several amendments, the budget provides funding for contractual increases to Police salaries, an Internal Auditor position, new stormwater park, pattern zoning programs, new sidewalks and walking trails. A preliminary copy of the budget can be found here; a fully amended budget – the finalized document – will be uploaded online in days to come.

Other highlights of the approved budget include the addition of a nine police officer positions, a network engineer and $325,000 for the replacement of body cameras for the Norman Police Department.

The budget is built annually by the Finance Department with the input of City staff and based greatly upon priorities laid forth by City Council. A copy of all budgets and reports can be found at