Event goers encouraged to opt-in for alerts pertaining to public events through new communication feature

Residents and visitors can now receive emergency-related alerts pertaining to major public events by texting NORMANEVENTS to 226787. This new feature is part of the Alert Norman Emergency Notification System powered by RAVE Smart 911 and comes just in time for April 29, a day when multiple large outdoor gatherings will be taking place simultaneously throughout the city.

“AlertNorman is a free service in which individuals can receive emergency notifications by text message, email or voice message,” said Police Chief Kevin Foster. “With this new feature specific to events, we can send alerts in real-time pertaining to emergencies, public safety, and other circumstances that may impact events. This is invaluable from a safety standpoint, particularly as we make our way through storm season.”

Although Norman Police and Emergency Management officials hope that there is never a need to send such alerts, preparation and critical information-sharing can save lives in emergencies.

“This type of information allows you to keep you and your family safer, and safeguarding citizens is always our topmost priority,” Foster said.

Those who do not frequent events are still encouraged to create an account through AlertNorman online so that emergency notifications pertaining to their area of residence can be sent to them if needed. Additionally, users may upload medical or property information to help first responders save time if responding to a home emergency.

Questions about AlertNorman can be sent into PDPIO@normanok.gov. View FAQs about the program here.